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Somehow I’m glad I’m in Denmark these days. There was a storm in the Faroes yesterday, that was the worst for a very long time. The Faroese people say the worst storm they remember, was back in 1988, but that one yesterday was even worse. Houses were destroyed.. which says everything, because Faroese houses are built to stand hurricanes..┬áwaves had lifted boats out of harbours and tossed them around, huge parts of the country had no electricity (including our house for 14 hours).. and to make it even worse, this was a snow storm. My boyfriend said he couldn’t find his car! That is very, very unusual for the Faroe Islands… they know of “snow”, but not that much. Guess this was a test of what the Faroe Islands would look like, if the warm Gulf Stream changed.

But one thing annoyed me.. the wind speeds wasn’t unusual for a Faroese winter storm. The wind speeds were at 60 m/s or 135 mph, and we’ve seen that before, without lifting an eyebrow. But my boyfriend said, “well, this has something to do with what corner of the world the wind comes from…added all the snow of course”. So if this had been a typical west-wind-storm, it wouldn’t had caused so much damage.

The good thing about all this mess… now we can talk about weather for a looong time ­čść King of all topics!

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