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Today, I went on another hike – this time with my boyfriend as guide. We went up on a mountain, from where we had a fantastic view. The mountain is 784m (2572.2ft), and the highest mountain I’ve visited so far. I know – this blog is almost becoming a photoblog, and one could get the impression that I’m not doing anything else than climbing mountains.. I’ll try to write about something else than the Faroe Islands or mountains in my next blog post..at least, I’ll try 😆

Ok friends, here we go:

First, on the way up there (at 500m altitude), we came across this strange boulder.. kind of impressive, it has been standing there the last 10.000 years, when the ice placed it there.. In the background, you can also see the village where we live.

And this is me, with the last 200 metres of the mountain in the background

And we made it! Another pic of my boyfriend, on the top of the mountain.

And a few other pics from the top.. here you see Heljardal Valley – a very, very special valley facing towards the Atlantic in the west

Ah.. ok, and this is me with Heljardal Valley in below.. just bragging 😆

Mount Mosarøkur – the mountains in the far west, are on the Island Vágar

Pointing south, a view to the Vestmanna dams


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Silly thing, that I was too lazy to take pictures, now that my legs carried me up to no less that two beautiful viewpoints. But I did get a couple, though. To be honest, I prefer photographing, when the grass is green all over the country, that means in July-August. Right now, it’s still “yellow-ish” after the winter. But still.. this is from my hike Saturday 😉


Here’s the mountain that I considered climbing, or rather – walking. On the other side it’s not that steep, so you can actually walk all the way up, even though it’s a bit tough. I guess theres around 60-70 meters from where I’m standing, to the top.

And a few sheep.. cute animals, aren’t they? 🙂 I had too use digital zoom, as they are wild sheep – they aren’t talkative at all. Every time I took one step closer, they ran four steps away.

And finally, Fuglafjordur – “Bird Firth”. You can’t see the firth, as it’s hiding behind the mountain on my right side. It’s a nice town, with 1500 inhabitants.

I am planning other hikes, as I love walking in the mountains – and I can’t tell ya how happy I am to be back home!


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I did it! Walked all the way from my home in Hvalvík to my boyfriend’s family in Fuglafjorður. It took me 6 hours – and even though it was tougher than I expected, I feel good. Apperantly, I’m in good shape.

To get there, I had to cross two passes (up and down again!) the first was 2132 feet (650 meters) high, and after walking down the mountain side, crossing a beautiful valley, I headed for the next one, that was 2296 feet (700 meters).

On the second pass, I even considered climbing a mountain – but it looked too dangerous, because it was very steep, and I’d had to avoid a huge gorge. And at this point I was tired, so I said to the mountain “some other time”

Except the fantastic view, I enjoyed the fresh mountain streams – I had nearly forgotten how refreshing, cool, and clean those streams are. Simply the best beverage under the sun!

Pictures? I did take some – but now I’m too lazy to upload them and comment on them 😆 That will have to wait, now I’ll just enjoy the evening sun that lasts until 11 pm (favourite time of the year!) and relax. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend 😉

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