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Today, I went on another hike – this time with my boyfriend as guide. We went up on a mountain, from where we had a fantastic view. The mountain is 784m (2572.2ft), and the highest mountain I’ve visited so far. I know – this blog is almost becoming a photoblog, and one could get the impression that I’m not doing anything else than climbing mountains.. I’ll try to write about something else than the Faroe Islands or mountains in my next blog post..at least, I’ll try 😆

Ok friends, here we go:

First, on the way up there (at 500m altitude), we came across this strange boulder.. kind of impressive, it has been standing there the last 10.000 years, when the ice placed it there.. In the background, you can also see the village where we live.

And this is me, with the last 200 metres of the mountain in the background

And we made it! Another pic of my boyfriend, on the top of the mountain.

And a few other pics from the top.. here you see Heljardal Valley – a very, very special valley facing towards the Atlantic in the west

Ah.. ok, and this is me with Heljardal Valley in below.. just bragging 😆

Mount Mosarøkur – the mountains in the far west, are on the Island Vágar

Pointing south, a view to the Vestmanna dams


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