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Yes yes yes! What a day! The Danish guys won GOLD at the European Championship today – and it is well deserved, they’ve been working hard to reach their goal, and today they finally turned out as winners. Not only that – they are now qualified to the Olympics in Beijing!

I know that handball maybe isn’t that popular outside Europe (except some countries around the world), but in Denmark, it’s a game everyone loves. Even I like watching it now and then.

Guess I’ll enjoy a few beers this evening… 😀


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I have a fun relationship with sports – I have no interest in it. But as soon it goes well for Denmark, I’ll be like glued to the screen, yelling at them to do their best.. I’m pretty sure they can hear me… and when they win, I’m like a happy little schoolgirl. Just as these days, where Men’s European Handball Championships takes place in Norway. And blimey! Who had expected the Danish team to actually reach the final? And that gold medal match is tomorrow, against Croatia.

But as we use to yell at sport events like these, when the Danes are successful in sports: “Who cares about silver or gold as long as our beers are cold?” (ok, lame translation of.. “hvad skal vi med guld og sølv, bare vi har sprut og øl!”) – meaning, even if we loose, we’ll have fun!

C’mon lads, you can do it!

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