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When I settled in the Faroe Islands, I would never have imagined it would become my home like it did. Whenever I’m in Denmark, I suffer from homesickness.

And yes, I’m in Denmark right now – and I’m feeling homesick.

But my boyfriend called me today, warming my heart so much – and I will see him again soon, in a week or so. With that in mind, it’s really good for him and I, that things did not turn out as I was hoping. I can see that now. I have several opportunities to navigate my life into the direction I want.

But for now – here are some pictures from the Faroes. The first two pictures was taken just outside my front door. It’s a privilege to live such a beautiful place!
The second is from a mountain top near my boyfriend’s hometown, where we often pop in for a visit and a cup of coffee.

Home sweet home – I miss you!


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Gone too soon

It’s 24 hours ago since it happened, and I’ve finally found words to post a blog about my thoughts on this. Michael Jackson – aka the King of Pop – has left his body, and is not with us anymore.

Anyone who has known me since my childhood/teenage years knows that I’ve always been a big fan of Jackson. And in honour of him, I’ll talk about my experiences with his music. It’s also too long ago I’ve been blogging, this is the longest gap between two posts – but here’s a good reason to write again.

I’m not sure how old I was when I discovered Michael’s music. Basically, I was a big lover of music, and I can mention a lot of names, that have been with me since early childhood – that’s music from Pink Floyd to Randy Crawford, to Supertramp to the Scorpions to Classical music (especially my beloved Debussy album) and: Michael Jackson.

As you see – these genres are so different from each other, and maybe Michael is the most different of these names I just mentioned.

It all started with a lonely moment a dark winter day. I was 11 years old (if I remember right), and I enjoyed my tea and listened to the radio, watching the snow falling. The first notes of “Who is it?” was played, and I listened to the voice and the music. That guy sang with such a passion, it went straight to my heart. They said “you listened to Michael Jackson….” – I had to find the album with that song! But until I found it, I started listening to everything else of his music, especially Thriller. The rythms went straight to my legs and feet, and I was dancing around. I loved it!

Thanks Michael, for those moments!

Years passed, and I slowly got the collection of Michael’s albums. Whenever I had money, I saved up for buying music – and I recieved “Bad” at a Christmas eve, from my uncle (by the name Michael, funnily enough). Another uncle gave me a voucher card for a music store, and I bought “Dangerous” – and there it was: Who is it!

I was a shy – very shy – teenager, and I always hated partys at school. The worst parts of it, was the dance floor! I hated dancing, and if a boy finally turned to me and asked for a dance, I wished I could turn myself invisible. That was just until Michael Jackson’s music thundered out of those speakers: I could all the steps, the moonwalk… I forgot my shyness and danced around.

Thanks Michael, for those moments!

In 1997, Michael Jackson was touring, and went to Denmark. Can you imagine a happy young fan being excited? Yes, and my Dad who thought I was a little too young to go to the “big and wild city” – Copenhagen – went with me. This happened at a time where him and I, who were always pals, found each other again after my parent’s divorce several years previously. I had been living with my mom, but now I felt the tide was turning, and moved in at my Dad’s house. And there we were, in Copenhagen. I was a country girl, and I thought the city was big indeed! But the mood was so warm all over the stadium, it was a wonderful summer evening.

The concert itself. Wow. How to describe that? If you said the word “concert” to me, I would relate to an intimate moment at a small venue filled with people, good mood and great music. This was 52.000 people packed at the stadium – and the biggest and most hard-working band I had ever seen, an amazing number of dancers, and not to forget all the effects! It was more a “show” than a concert, if you can follow me? The music of course was outstanding…but followed with the show, I was overwhelmed for weeks! I was impressed by Michael. Even though the venue was so enormous, he somehow managed to reach us all – to every corner of the stadium.

Thanks Michael, for these moments!

As years passed and I grew older, it became more rare that I listened to his music. I still liked it, but my interests changed a bit. I don’t know why, really, but people change. I still read the papers when there were news about him, and it was a pain in my heart to see it was mostly bad news. I realised that he probably wouldn’t get very old.

His life story is so sad – yes he got fame, success and everything, but it had a price: he never had the chance to find himself and learn whom he was. Why change the way he looked so often? What would he change and what was it he wished to become?

I’ll never know. But I do know he gave us music, that will be remembered and loved.

All my thoughts and condolences to his children, family and friends.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

And thanks again for all the wonderful moments.

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I just found this picture. It’s me.
As you see – I was a smart kid, LOL

Anyway – I actually remember this. One of my very first memories in this life, and even though some people say, that kids dont remember things until they are 3 or 4, I certainly have very early memories. I remember this, because it was a strange moment (for me). The newspaper was something my granddad always read, and I wondered what it was. So I took a look at it, and I remember people laughing, not knowing why.

Their laughs and the camera pointing at me was a mystery, and this impression did that I remember this.

Some people say that I only remember it because of this picture, but that’s not true – but my Dad believes me. He, too, remembers a few things from that age.

Anyway – I don’t remember what I was reading though. I remember grey-scale pictures (a ship?) but not the text.. that would be amazing if I did. Perhaps, as my Dad jokes, I read about Roger Hodgson leaving Supertramp. 😉 Could be – because this picture was taken that year – 1983

Time does fly, doesn’t it? 😉

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Sorry for starting this blog with shouting like this. It’s just that I’m preparing for the challenges of 2009 and 2010. I only need to pass a few tests in June to enter the career I’ve always dreamt of. I’ll learn how to navigate a ship, and eventually flying a helicopter at sea. My dream is to fly a rescue helicopter someday… or just flying helicopters around the Faroe Islands. Then I will transport people, goods, animals, hay, oil barrels, tourists and musicians around the islands. Or I’ll end up working at the beautiful ocean on a ship.

All that starts in August – if I pass, and I’m pretty sure I will.

Before that comes April, May, June, July – and I have to find out how to spend my time wisely before starting this education, that will take place in Denmark.

That’s the tough part of it. I’ll have to let go of a lot of things to do what I really want, and I’ll be a lot away from home – luckily, my boyfriend is very supportive, and thinks he has a very tough, brave and cool girlfriend. Awwww… even action girls can blush 😆

Anyway. I can spend spring/early summer in the Faroes, and summer in Denmark, since I have to go there anyway in June for that test. Or vice versa. Spend spring in Denmark, then go home after the tests, and enjoy the incredibly beautiful Faroese summer.

And now a new question has arrived: There’s a Roger Hodgson concert coming up in Aachen in August, and some friends tries to convince me to go – it’s not “just” another RH gig. It’s an orchestra show! And I’m ready to go, to get another great concert experience and spend time with good friends.

Realising that I’ll be pretty busy next year, where I’ll spend a lot of time at sea, I think I’ll have to attend that concert – it will take a long time before I have time for that again.

So Anina has convinced Anina, that she has to attend that concert, and spend a weekend in Germany.

But that will mean: not much money for vacations during summer. Dah!

That’s why I can’t wait to start that new career, after many years of studying history and Nordic Litterature I’ve realised it’s pretty hard finding a job where I can use a title called Master of Arts, and after many years on low-budget and never ending financial problems (could be worse though, as I’ve always have had just enough money to have fun), I’ll suddenly have a nice income. But no time to spend money. Nevermind, saving is much better.

Ok… Now I’m just rambling on about career and decisions, but what I’m trying to say is just: what to do now?

I think I’ll go back to the Faroes, finish my thesis there, and come back to Denmark along with my boyfriend in June.
Another thing is: I have planned a one-week long hike in the mountains, and I just can’t wait to go.

I’ll go on that hike in the end of May/beginning of June, where it’s bright 24 hours a day. Perfect time to gather thoughts and mind before big challenges. I have sometimes spent days on my own in nature, but one week in the mountains is very special, and the best vacation I can imagine. And I really need to gather my thoughts and find myself again.

At least: this time I’m not confused and indecisive because of depressions like last year. This time, I’m so happy and optimistic about everything. I’m so optimistic that you could call me impatient: I can’t wait for any of it to happen! Decisions now, is just a matter of where and when, time, and of course trying to find out what’s important and what’s not.

Talking about 2009, it has already been a fantastic year. It was the year when a door opened to follow a great dream, and I had a fantastic trip to Nurnberg, Germany as already described in my blog.

And I have a few things I look forward to, a few things I’m nervous about, and a few things I don’t know what to do about.

Said with less words – it’s an amazing feeling of freedom to do what I want, and still be able to take care of my families in Denmark and the Faroe Islands in the future. I feel strong and happy. I’m happily saying goodbye to a miserable year, and saying hello to a new year of possibilities.

I’ll end this blablabla-blog with a few pictures from the Faroe Islands – I’m hoping to get that helicopter certificate someday, to have views like these every day at work in the future 😉

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It’s Monday, and weekend is over. But this weekend was not like any other – actually, it has to be one of the best of my life! I mean – you can always go to concerts, you can always travel for fun, and you can always meet up with friends.

But doing these things at the same time? That was what I did this weekend, all three activities. And it was not “just friends” or “just a concert” or “just a weekend trip” It was the meeting of a bunch of really close cyber-friends, who have this in common, that they love a very special artist. The name of that artist is: Roger Hodgson.

And what can one do, when these friends goes to Nurnberg, Germany, to meet up, and experience yet another wonderful concert with Roger Hodgson? The answer is obvious: buy a ticket, and GO!

And so I did. I travelled by ship from the Faroe Islands a week before, to make sure that bad weather wouldn’t keep me stucked in the Faroes – but there were no need to worry. Weather was fantastic all the way, and after two days I found myself in Denmark. And when Thursday evening arrived, I hopped on a train to Nurnberg – and soon I found myself in Nurnberg on a sunny, beautiful Friday morning. I could finally relax and enjoy the thought of what was about to happen.

We planned meeting up at the restaurant “Sausalitos” at 1 pm, and one by one, people arrived, and we all recognised each other instantly, even though this was our first time together in “real life.”

You can probably imagine all the hugs, handshakes, smiles, hugs again and laughs that were shared that moment, and when all had arrived, we had dinner and raised our glasses for loud cheers! – lifting glass with one hand, photographing with the other. Even our meals – pretty generous potions we all agreed – were photographed.

Time was flying, and we were about to leave at 4pm for another special event: we had been invited to sound check. And so we stood there all of us – some of Roger’s biggest fans from all corners of Europe. Mick from Ireland, Sabine and George from Malta, Christine from Austria, Sylvia from Switzerland, myself from the Faroe Islands, and not to forget all the German fans who had travelled from their corners of Germany.

Christine had made a banner showing a big “Happy Birthday Roger!”, that we all signed while waiting for Roger to arrive for sound check – more about that banner later!

When Roger arrived we went to the hall, and there we sat comfortably, excited and happy – we had been asked if we had any special requests for a song during sound check, and Claudia and I asked for “The Awakening” – and he played it. I love that song – I was hoping he would play it in concert, knowing he probably wouldn’t, so this was a special bonus. He also played a new song “Teach Me to Love Again” – and Roger, if you ever read this: Thanks for playing the Awakening for us, and your new song is so beautiful!

Or maybe I should rather write thanks again, as we had the opportunity to thank Roger personally, which we all did. He asked us if we liked the new song – and I remember myself saying that I loved this song, especially the piano playing/sax combination. I stood there thinking that I was going to hear it again later – and felt very lucky to be part of this very special, International meet’n greet. Thank you, Linda and Roger, from the bottom of my heart, to make this possible!

At this special meeting, we also had the opportunity to hand him a very special birthday card. It had been circulating the world, all the way from Malta, cross Europe, to the USA. Canada/New Foundland – and back to Germany, so we could give him the card with all these greetings. This too was a special moment.

And all too soon the sound check was over, and we all went to the nearby hotel’s lounge enjoying a drink or two, before the show would begin.

“When you’re up on stage it’s so unbelievable!”

I have already spent many words on describing the trip to Nurnberg – and I could spend even more on the concert itself. It was….FAN-tastic!¨

From beginning to the end – it was magical. One thing is that I never, ever will grow tired of these songs that have been with me since childhood, another is hearing them live, and a third thing is that Roger’s voice seems to be better than ever – and Aaron impressed us all by playing/multitasking even more instruments than usual! I know – you can read that in so many reviews that Roger’s voice is as good as always, maybe even stronger. But it IS true! I have attended several concerts since 2006, and they were always great – but this concert is without a doubt the best of all of those I’ve attended.

What makes a concert so wonderful anyway? Is it Roger’s wonderful voice, beautiful compositions, great lyrics? Is it the magic of two multi-talented guys playing together? Yes. That’s it! But there’s something more. You find great musicians everywhere, but nothing compares with Roger’s shows.

The answer is: Roger is a very ‘including’ artist, which means, he talks a lot to the audience, is joking, telling stories – and it is so clear that the audience love it, and Roger loves his fans and the audience.

And what makes this concert in Nurnberg, March 2009 so special, was also the presence of people from all over Europe, which he mentioned on stage. “Tonight we have guests all the way from Malta, Austria, Ireland.. even the Faroe Islands” that touched us all.. Especially one was touched, as the special guest that night was Sabine from Malta. “Sabine where are you?” Roger asked – “why don’t you stand up so the audience can applaud for you” – and I can only tell how happy I was, and only guess what she, and the other from our fan “fan-family” felt at that moment. It was so beautiful.

As I already mentioned, Roger had a new song on his repertoire. After opening the show with “Take the long way home”, “Give a Little Bit”, “Lovers in the Wind”, “Hide in your shell” – he played “Teach me to love again” He introduced the song, and said to the audience that this was a new song “and if you don’t clap, I won’t play it again next time…” and the audience started clapping instantly! “Sometimes I’m amazed about the things, that come out of my mouth. Okay this is the song – it’s called ‘Teach me to love again’.”
Of course, a new song is always welcome. And also after playing the song, the applause was overwhelming. It was clear – the audience truly loved it.

That new song is still – three days after – stuck in my head, and if I could only plug some sort of magic “head to stereo”-cable to my head, I’ll play it for all my friends and neighbours on my stereo. This is a song everyone just MUST hear. It’s heart touching and beautiful. He even played it twice, first on grand piano, then on keyboard.

There were many other surprises on the repertoire. One of them was that he played “A Soapbox Opera” – it made me incredibly happy to hear that song, and just as I thought nothing could surprise me anymore, he played Fool’s Overture! – now I couldn’t really ask for more.

But this great evening wasn’t over yet. Roger had surprised us with a new song, and an amazing show – now it was time for us to give back “a little bit.” It was time to get the Birthday-banner ready. At the encore, when Roger came back on stage, we had it ready – holding it and singing out loud “happy birthday!”

The banner was thrown up on stage, and so Roger held the it so everyone could see it, saying “you make me the happiest man alive!” – and with a big smile he placed it on the grand piano. “It’s my birthday in one and a half hour, this is my birthday party!” he said to the crowd.

With a very big smile, he asked: “So – what do you want to hear? School?” and the audience yelled out loud “yeaah!” – School is, among many other songs, an all time favourite. People were loudly singing along, clapping, whistling – and the applauses seemed they would never end. And it was a perfect end of the concert, when he played “It’s Raining Again”- people were literally dancing, jumping, singing, clapping – and even after he had left stage, the applauses went on and on and on.

And even when the song is over, where have I been – was it just a dream?

And so weekend is over, and I can’t believe all this really happened. It feels like I just woke up from a wonderful dream, but all the photos and messages circulating the Internet tells me: this really happened!

We all met up again the day after, on a sunny Saturday – and we agreed we could thank Roger for the fantastic weather: it was his birthday, and had obviously been a good boy 😉 On this sunny, beautiful Saturday, we went for some sightseeing in Nurnberg – and one thing we had to do before splitting up later that day, was to touch the Nurnberg ring, to have a wish free – and if our wishes come true, we can with peace in our hearts look forward to next year!

Our community is very special, we have laughs, experiences, moments, pictures and stories to share. And finally meeting some of them outside cyberspace, and realising that people really are the way you know from the Internet. No one hides behind masks, but are just as crazy, fun, wonderful, warm-hearted and beautiful in “real” life as in cyberspace.

Thanks everyone to make this happen, thank you so much, Linda for your incredible kindness and help, thank you Aaron, thank you Roger for being who you are and for all that you give – thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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I am excited these days. On Thursday I’ll board the ship to Denmark – and I look forward to two days at sea, riding the North Atlantic waves back home. And I’m looking forward to give my parents and my brother megatons of hugs!

I have been away from Denmark for several months (since July 2008), and my family and friends are calling me, writing me, messaging “when will you come home?”

I feel loved. And I feel grateful, for having such wonderful people around me.

Next week is also something I’m looking forward to – a trip to Nuremberg, meeting cyber-friends for the first time outside cyberspace.. I can’t wait! And the occasion is a concert with my favourite composer/singer/musician Roger Hodgson.

Some may ask why I just keep attending these shows, and the answer is pretty obvious: I love the music! And his concerts are very special, an experience you shouldn’t miss, so if you have the opportunity, then go for it! 😀

And another wonderful thing: it’s been so long since last trip (except a short visit in London, a trip to Northern Germany and Sweden) to a new place in Europe. Latest big trip was to Prague almost ten years ago (omg!) and that’s a city I will never forget. Prague is amazing, and I’ll have to visit it again someday.

When I was there, I traveled by train, and so I will do also this time – it’s cheap, and the train goes non-stop from Copenhagen, Denmark. Perfect. It takes 10 hours, so I’m happy to travel by night, and hopefully get some sleep while going south.

That’s a life I love: me, a backpack, travel tickets and Roger Hodgson tix in my pocket. The only thing missing is my boyfriend by my side, but he’s busy these days.

(Oops, I didn’t call my boyfriend a “thing” did I?)

First of all, I’m looking forward to a couple of days on the ocean. One of my favourite places on the Planet 😉

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One of my favourite activities is dreaming – and another favourite activity is learning. Why not make a nice combination of these two activities?

That’s why I have taken this major step towards a career I had never imagined. My head is filled with thoughts of all kinds. One part of it says “oh Anina, do you think you can manage a career like that? You don’t even know for sure yet, that it will become a reality? Do you have the courage of doing this?

The other part of my head AND my heart says: of course! I once closed a door to a big part of myself. That part of me that is craving adventures and is yearning for always learning. When I opened that door again, it was like seeing a new part of myself. And that part of me would make a great career at sea.

Maybe all that also has to do with age. I am still very young, yet, I’ve went from being in my first-twenties, to mid-twenties to have the age of 30 in sight. And with age comes new ideas and ambitions.

When I was 20, I wrote a note to myself, and I found that note yesterday, when organizing my home office, and cleaning up – it was a note about 10 things to achieve in my life.

I’m not going to mention them all – but one of them was to learn 10 languages. But no words of what languages they should be, except I had plans of learning Icelandic just for fun… or at least.. ALMOST for fun, as I did have plans of studying 6 months in Iceland. Then I met my boyfriend from the Faroe Islands, and I chose studying him and Faroese language instead.. if you know what I mean.

And so – without realising it, I’m one step closer to fulfil some of my dreams from back then. I just have to pick 7 other languages, and three of them is not far from being achieved, as I know some German, and a bit Swedish and Norweigan..and with Faroese, I got Icelandic for “free” even though I don’t speak it, except a few phrases.

So, constantly learning has to be the goal of my life. I won’t say that I think so much about who I am and all that – I’m pretty much in touch with myself and my soul. But still – it’s fun to discover new parts of one self.

So, said with other words: I’m very excited AND nervous of what future has to offer. It’s like leaving one world to enter another. Like leaping over a huge gap – let’s say between two sides of a huge ravine, and I’m currently mid-air between the mountainsides. Will the other side be better than the one I left? Will I be able to leap back if that’s not the case? Should I rather have built a bridge than spending all my energy in one giant leap?

I haven’t landed yet, so I don’t know. I just know that believing in my own abilities and will, I will make it safely to the other side of the gap. The only thing that would make me crash, is if my application is rejected. If so, I know myself well enougto know I will find strength enough to climb back up.

But honestly – all my papers; exams, tests, results, statements ect. looks so good, so why shouldn’t it work out for me?

I feel really optimistic about what 2009 has to offer. One sad thing is that can’t spend much time in the Faroe Islands that I love so much, but I guess one can’t have it all? Afterall, I am from Denmark, and some time in that country, close to my family and friends wouldn’t hurt – only the time I will miss my boyfriend. But our relationship has proven itself to be very strong. I have taken education in Denmark while he worked full time in the Faroes. We can do that again, knowing that we’ll have an interesting future together to share when I get back home.

All I can say is: life seems to be beautiful and challeging at the same time. Carpe Diem.


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Ready for the first mountain hike this year. Everything is packed, and I’m ready to go tomorrow at dawn. The weather isn’t going to be too nice, but while the summer hikes mostly are for fun and a nice way to enjoy the mild summer days – this is about challenging myself a bit. Not that I intend doing something stupid, like climbig wet, slippery, rocky mountainsides – nope, this is just walking, walking and more walking.

Oh well.. this hike isn’t only about getting my lazy body in shape again (especially as preparing for the challenges of 2009) – of course I’ll bring a camera. And the rough, Faroese weather at winter has its own beauty. During summers, the mountains are green and beautiful. This time of the year, if they aren’t covered with snow, they are some sort of yellow-ish green. Some call it olive-coloured. Never mind.

I had planned copying a small map of tomorrow’s hike into this blog post, but I can’t say where I’m going, as it is really up to the weather. If it’s stormy and rainy, I’ll take a walk a few miles out in the valley, and then walk up on one of the lower mountain passes. If the weather is good, I’ll head for the 600 metres high mountain pass that I look at everyday, through the window of my home office. Funnily enough – that spot uses to be the first place I go hiking, as it’s rather easy to go there (that means; not too steep) and the view from there is wonderful.

Here’s a pic from one of my hikes last year – hopefully, many more is to come. I already have BIG plans for the summer of 2009, before I go to sea. Among them, there are still some islands I haven’t visited yet. Yes, the Faroe Islands is such a small country, yet, there is so much to explore.

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Blogthings… What to say about that? I think they are funny and addictive, however, I don’t take them too seriously. But this one? It is SO true what it says about me! Read a few of my recent blog posts, and you’ll know why I am surprised 🙂 A bit scary, actually – maybe these tests aren’t that bad at all?


Your Spiritual Number is Four

You bring stability and order into people’s lives.

You are a devoted friend, and you are able to help other get out of extremely chaotic situations.Right now, your life is about making difficult choices and complicated decisions.

You find yourself at a crossroads, and you can’t stall any longer.

While you may be going through a confusing time, you are confident that you will do the right thing.

You have the courage to do what’s best, even when it’s hard.

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Waiting patiently

I feel equally happy and frustrated these days. I made a decision about my future that I’m very happy about – and I wonder how I suddenly found out about this opportunity. I have been praying for something to happen in my life, that would show me a future, that would be different from unemployment and in worst case – that I would have to leave the Faroes to live in Denmark again.

And suddenly I found a way to follow an old dream, and it feels like a miracle. I am very grateful, and I’m confident that I can do this.

But I am waiting for the day where I will know if I’m qualified or not. It’s a one day long test, that will take place in a month. A MONTH?

The past years have been flying away, and now a month seems forever?

I don’t understand the concept of “time”

I am waiting, and I know when I’ve finished waiting, I will have a hard time keeping up with time!

I can’t wait for the adventures at sea.. if I pass the tests, that is. I know I will, but one can’t be sure until it’s confirmed.

Counting days..

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