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I’m a big fan of a Swedish vocal group called “The Real Group” – they can do practically everything with their voices. I love them mostly for their great sense of humour. First concert I attended left me completely in tears of laughter – the world was blurred because of all that water coming out of my eyes, so I almost couldn’t see these singers – so I wished I had a camera that could catch it instead!

What they did was to write down every single note from a Disney Cartoon, that I’m sure you all know well.. Donald Duck went out filming a beautiful bird singing…. but Woody Woodpecker shows up and ruins everything! It’s a classic cartoon, one of my favourites. And The Real Group did it so well.

And guess what? I found it on youtube just few minutes ago! A window showing a youtube clip, can never catch the mood and spirit of a concert, so maybe you wouldn’t laugh that hard as I did, but if you need a good laugh, you should watch this! Enjoy!

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I found some awesome Swedish articles about Roger Hodgson at his website. I understand all of it, and I was wondering if I should try to translate them into English. Or at least some of it… could be a funny way of wasting some time, instead of watching TV or something like that.

There’s just one big problem. I could translate it, yep.. but remember; this is an English guy talking to a Swede, who translates it into Swedish.. and then a bored Dane starts translating the whole thing back into English. Of course the translation would never be perfect, and it would never sound as when the journalist and Roger talked. Not to forget my poor vocabulary ­čÖä

But if anyone is interested in a translation of this Swedish stuff, please tell me, and I’ll do my best!

(Click image for full size – opens in a new window)

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