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When I settled in the Faroe Islands, I would never have imagined it would become my home like it did. Whenever I’m in Denmark, I suffer from homesickness.

And yes, I’m in Denmark right now – and I’m feeling homesick.

But my boyfriend called me today, warming my heart so much – and I will see him again soon, in a week or so. With that in mind, it’s really good for him and I, that things did not turn out as I was hoping. I can see that now. I have several opportunities to navigate my life into the direction I want.

But for now – here are some pictures from the Faroes. The first two pictures was taken just outside my front door. It’s a privilege to live such a beautiful place!
The second is from a mountain top near my boyfriend’s hometown, where we often pop in for a visit and a cup of coffee.

Home sweet home – I miss you!

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Sorry for starting this blog with shouting like this. It’s just that I’m preparing for the challenges of 2009 and 2010. I only need to pass a few tests in June to enter the career I’ve always dreamt of. I’ll learn how to navigate a ship, and eventually flying a helicopter at sea. My dream is to fly a rescue helicopter someday… or just flying helicopters around the Faroe Islands. Then I will transport people, goods, animals, hay, oil barrels, tourists and musicians around the islands. Or I’ll end up working at the beautiful ocean on a ship.

All that starts in August – if I pass, and I’m pretty sure I will.

Before that comes April, May, June, July – and I have to find out how to spend my time wisely before starting this education, that will take place in Denmark.

That’s the tough part of it. I’ll have to let go of a lot of things to do what I really want, and I’ll be a lot away from home – luckily, my boyfriend is very supportive, and thinks he has a very tough, brave and cool girlfriend. Awwww… even action girls can blush 😆

Anyway. I can spend spring/early summer in the Faroes, and summer in Denmark, since I have to go there anyway in June for that test. Or vice versa. Spend spring in Denmark, then go home after the tests, and enjoy the incredibly beautiful Faroese summer.

And now a new question has arrived: There’s a Roger Hodgson concert coming up in Aachen in August, and some friends tries to convince me to go – it’s not “just” another RH gig. It’s an orchestra show! And I’m ready to go, to get another great concert experience and spend time with good friends.

Realising that I’ll be pretty busy next year, where I’ll spend a lot of time at sea, I think I’ll have to attend that concert – it will take a long time before I have time for that again.

So Anina has convinced Anina, that she has to attend that concert, and spend a weekend in Germany.

But that will mean: not much money for vacations during summer. Dah!

That’s why I can’t wait to start that new career, after many years of studying history and Nordic Litterature I’ve realised it’s pretty hard finding a job where I can use a title called Master of Arts, and after many years on low-budget and never ending financial problems (could be worse though, as I’ve always have had just enough money to have fun), I’ll suddenly have a nice income. But no time to spend money. Nevermind, saving is much better.

Ok… Now I’m just rambling on about career and decisions, but what I’m trying to say is just: what to do now?

I think I’ll go back to the Faroes, finish my thesis there, and come back to Denmark along with my boyfriend in June.
Another thing is: I have planned a one-week long hike in the mountains, and I just can’t wait to go.

I’ll go on that hike in the end of May/beginning of June, where it’s bright 24 hours a day. Perfect time to gather thoughts and mind before big challenges. I have sometimes spent days on my own in nature, but one week in the mountains is very special, and the best vacation I can imagine. And I really need to gather my thoughts and find myself again.

At least: this time I’m not confused and indecisive because of depressions like last year. This time, I’m so happy and optimistic about everything. I’m so optimistic that you could call me impatient: I can’t wait for any of it to happen! Decisions now, is just a matter of where and when, time, and of course trying to find out what’s important and what’s not.

Talking about 2009, it has already been a fantastic year. It was the year when a door opened to follow a great dream, and I had a fantastic trip to Nurnberg, Germany as already described in my blog.

And I have a few things I look forward to, a few things I’m nervous about, and a few things I don’t know what to do about.

Said with less words – it’s an amazing feeling of freedom to do what I want, and still be able to take care of my families in Denmark and the Faroe Islands in the future. I feel strong and happy. I’m happily saying goodbye to a miserable year, and saying hello to a new year of possibilities.

I’ll end this blablabla-blog with a few pictures from the Faroe Islands – I’m hoping to get that helicopter certificate someday, to have views like these every day at work in the future 😉

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Few days ago, I was sure I heard the sound. It was at night, I woke up to the sound, and it filled my heart with joy, and I fell asleep again, dreaming pleasant dreams.

Today, on March 12, it’s for sure, because now I even saw them – and heard that special sound again: The sound of the Oystercatchers (in Faroese, Tjaldur) arriving.

The Oystercatcher is the national bird of the Faroe Islands, and March 12. is celebrated, it’s called the “Grækarismessa”, which is the day where this little, beautiful bird returns to the islands.

It is called: “The first day of spring”, and the roaring rivers and melting ice from the mountain tops tells me it certainly IS spring. I have even had all windows open most of the day, without having the house cooled down.

It is definetly a strange day to actually leave the Faroe Islands for a month – because now is the time where its wonderful to live up here.

But for sure: I am looking forward to say hello to the spring in Denmark as well.

But for now, happy 12. of March! And welcome, dear friend 😀

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I am excited these days. On Thursday I’ll board the ship to Denmark – and I look forward to two days at sea, riding the North Atlantic waves back home. And I’m looking forward to give my parents and my brother megatons of hugs!

I have been away from Denmark for several months (since July 2008), and my family and friends are calling me, writing me, messaging “when will you come home?”

I feel loved. And I feel grateful, for having such wonderful people around me.

Next week is also something I’m looking forward to – a trip to Nuremberg, meeting cyber-friends for the first time outside cyberspace.. I can’t wait! And the occasion is a concert with my favourite composer/singer/musician Roger Hodgson.

Some may ask why I just keep attending these shows, and the answer is pretty obvious: I love the music! And his concerts are very special, an experience you shouldn’t miss, so if you have the opportunity, then go for it! 😀

And another wonderful thing: it’s been so long since last trip (except a short visit in London, a trip to Northern Germany and Sweden) to a new place in Europe. Latest big trip was to Prague almost ten years ago (omg!) and that’s a city I will never forget. Prague is amazing, and I’ll have to visit it again someday.

When I was there, I traveled by train, and so I will do also this time – it’s cheap, and the train goes non-stop from Copenhagen, Denmark. Perfect. It takes 10 hours, so I’m happy to travel by night, and hopefully get some sleep while going south.

That’s a life I love: me, a backpack, travel tickets and Roger Hodgson tix in my pocket. The only thing missing is my boyfriend by my side, but he’s busy these days.

(Oops, I didn’t call my boyfriend a “thing” did I?)

First of all, I’m looking forward to a couple of days on the ocean. One of my favourite places on the Planet 😉

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One of my favourite activities is dreaming – and another favourite activity is learning. Why not make a nice combination of these two activities?

That’s why I have taken this major step towards a career I had never imagined. My head is filled with thoughts of all kinds. One part of it says “oh Anina, do you think you can manage a career like that? You don’t even know for sure yet, that it will become a reality? Do you have the courage of doing this?

The other part of my head AND my heart says: of course! I once closed a door to a big part of myself. That part of me that is craving adventures and is yearning for always learning. When I opened that door again, it was like seeing a new part of myself. And that part of me would make a great career at sea.

Maybe all that also has to do with age. I am still very young, yet, I’ve went from being in my first-twenties, to mid-twenties to have the age of 30 in sight. And with age comes new ideas and ambitions.

When I was 20, I wrote a note to myself, and I found that note yesterday, when organizing my home office, and cleaning up – it was a note about 10 things to achieve in my life.

I’m not going to mention them all – but one of them was to learn 10 languages. But no words of what languages they should be, except I had plans of learning Icelandic just for fun… or at least.. ALMOST for fun, as I did have plans of studying 6 months in Iceland. Then I met my boyfriend from the Faroe Islands, and I chose studying him and Faroese language instead.. if you know what I mean.

And so – without realising it, I’m one step closer to fulfil some of my dreams from back then. I just have to pick 7 other languages, and three of them is not far from being achieved, as I know some German, and a bit Swedish and Norweigan..and with Faroese, I got Icelandic for “free” even though I don’t speak it, except a few phrases.

So, constantly learning has to be the goal of my life. I won’t say that I think so much about who I am and all that – I’m pretty much in touch with myself and my soul. But still – it’s fun to discover new parts of one self.

So, said with other words: I’m very excited AND nervous of what future has to offer. It’s like leaving one world to enter another. Like leaping over a huge gap – let’s say between two sides of a huge ravine, and I’m currently mid-air between the mountainsides. Will the other side be better than the one I left? Will I be able to leap back if that’s not the case? Should I rather have built a bridge than spending all my energy in one giant leap?

I haven’t landed yet, so I don’t know. I just know that believing in my own abilities and will, I will make it safely to the other side of the gap. The only thing that would make me crash, is if my application is rejected. If so, I know myself well enougto know I will find strength enough to climb back up.

But honestly – all my papers; exams, tests, results, statements ect. looks so good, so why shouldn’t it work out for me?

I feel really optimistic about what 2009 has to offer. One sad thing is that can’t spend much time in the Faroe Islands that I love so much, but I guess one can’t have it all? Afterall, I am from Denmark, and some time in that country, close to my family and friends wouldn’t hurt – only the time I will miss my boyfriend. But our relationship has proven itself to be very strong. I have taken education in Denmark while he worked full time in the Faroes. We can do that again, knowing that we’ll have an interesting future together to share when I get back home.

All I can say is: life seems to be beautiful and challeging at the same time. Carpe Diem.


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Ready for the first mountain hike this year. Everything is packed, and I’m ready to go tomorrow at dawn. The weather isn’t going to be too nice, but while the summer hikes mostly are for fun and a nice way to enjoy the mild summer days – this is about challenging myself a bit. Not that I intend doing something stupid, like climbig wet, slippery, rocky mountainsides – nope, this is just walking, walking and more walking.

Oh well.. this hike isn’t only about getting my lazy body in shape again (especially as preparing for the challenges of 2009) – of course I’ll bring a camera. And the rough, Faroese weather at winter has its own beauty. During summers, the mountains are green and beautiful. This time of the year, if they aren’t covered with snow, they are some sort of yellow-ish green. Some call it olive-coloured. Never mind.

I had planned copying a small map of tomorrow’s hike into this blog post, but I can’t say where I’m going, as it is really up to the weather. If it’s stormy and rainy, I’ll take a walk a few miles out in the valley, and then walk up on one of the lower mountain passes. If the weather is good, I’ll head for the 600 metres high mountain pass that I look at everyday, through the window of my home office. Funnily enough – that spot uses to be the first place I go hiking, as it’s rather easy to go there (that means; not too steep) and the view from there is wonderful.

Here’s a pic from one of my hikes last year – hopefully, many more is to come. I already have BIG plans for the summer of 2009, before I go to sea. Among them, there are still some islands I haven’t visited yet. Yes, the Faroe Islands is such a small country, yet, there is so much to explore.

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At New Year, I was SO ready to say goodbye to 2008 – but still wondering if 2009 would be any better.

And now I have realised, that it probably will, because of a huge decision I made less than a week ago.

To change the course of my life, and go to sea as I have always dreamt of, but never thought of as a way for me, just until now.

And today, I went to the post office, sending an application form, for joining the Danish Navy.

Navy? It sounds so…war-ish, doesn’t it? But really, my future job will be to sail the North Atlantic, patrolling the Danish/Faroese/Greenlandic territories, preventing ships to fish illegaly, take action in cases of pollution (ships dumping oil into the seas), and assisting ships in problems.. fortunately, that’s rare.

I love the sea so much. Even though I live in those small islands, surrounded by the endless ocean, I never feel that I live in a small and isolated place. Actually, the few months I tried to live as a big city citizen in Copenhagen, I felt really isolated and almost faded away until I finally settled in the countryside again. 5 months in a big city is more than enough for me.. and Copenhagen isn’t even really big.. but 1 million people around me, and I feel isolated.

What I just try to say is, that to me, the shores of the Faroe Islands isn’t a place where everything stops. It’s the beginning of another world. A wave-y world, that will become my “office” in the future.

I had closed a door years ago, a door to a part of myself, that has now opened up, ready for the challenges of 2009.

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Today – the last day of the year, I’m going to write two blog posts. One complaining-post and one oh joy!-post.

Let’s start with the bad news.

I am SO tired of the lies and nonsense being written about the Faroe Islands around the Internet. Lies that even have resulted insulting messages to me, on this blog. Apperantly, I’m a disgrace to the human kind. No less than that. Amazing!

All that because of the whaling in the Faroe Islands. Back in the days, in times of starvation and isolation, the Faroese saw the pilot whales as a gift from God, the difference between starvation/death, and plenty. A village could be dying, as the whales came to their firth, and made a huge difference (of course they had other sources of food, but easy times come and go, you know).

And even nowadays, in times of plenty – people still have this for dinner. So occasionally, when they swim into a firth or bay they are caught. The people of the Faroe Islands have NEVER used ships, going out to sea after them. They were/are always trapped in the firths when they came there.

And how many were caught/are caught then? Back in the days maybe 2000 or so every year. Nowadays.. well. In 2008 there were caught 0 whales. That’s far from the quarter of a million, as some Greenpeace folks thinks!! If 48.000 people could eat all that..it would be the fattest nation on Earth!

Why 0, some may ask. The thing is: people have stopped eating it. The meat and blubber is filled with heavy metals, from the polluted oceans. It’s not suitable for human food anymore. I ate a little once, and I got really, really sick.

And I’m puzzled. There’s something I just can’t figure out. That is why an organisation as Greenpeace, doesn’t spend their energy on informing the world about that issue! It’s a much bigger threat to whales and any other specie, big or small, that lives in our oceans.

I know this blog post won’t make any difference. If people really want to believe in lies and misunderstandings, then they will. As a Faroese friend of mine said (or rather grinned) – “get used to it!”

Guess they’re just shrugging it off, as they do with the heavy storms up here, that doesn’t really seem to bother anyone.

I wish I could do the same – but I can’t. People should know the truth, in my humble opinion.

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Finally! A slideshow that shows exactly why I love living in the Faroe Islands. A slideshow I think everyone should watch.

Because this one is not just a slideshow, it’s made by a skilled and creative woman, Elin Heinesen, who not only collected these photos (and took some of them as well), but also composed this piece of music, and sings as well.

She was inspired to do the video, as the magazine National Geographic Traveler chose the Faroe Islands to be the “best islands” in the world – 522 travel experts rated 111 island communities, and Faroes went no. 1. I wonder how they measure that, but still – the video shows exactly why I love this place so much as I do.

So – enjoy! 😀

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Now that I have been blogging about how much I love living in the Faroe Islands, it’s time for some complaints.

It’s winter. It’s rainy. It’s stormy. And it’s dark.

We only have little daylight, and the sun doesn’t appear, as it’s hiding behind the mountains surrounding my village. The sun rises at 8.53 AM and sets at 3.31PM, and it’s not even the darkest time of the year yet. One month to go, until it will go the “right way” again.

One good thing is that it rarely gets freezing cold here. One should think that the Northern latitude, that makes the winter dark and summers bright, also will have lots of snow and ice to offer. But nope. Fortunately, we’re located in the middle of the warm Gulf Stream, so the ocean keeps us warm.

But the ocean is also a threat at times. Our neighbouring village was smashed by waves, ripping off garage doors, flooding basements ect. And the wind that caused those waves also damaged houses.

I have repaired my basement door three times now. And I’ve tried to tell the sharp winds to leave that door alone! Now I repaired it again, and made improvements, so that even if a nuclear blast blew away our house, that door will still be standing there. Um. I don’t hope someone bomb our islands, but ya know what I mean!

In these dark times, I do have a lot of things I’m looking forward to. Christmas is one of them. A concert in Nurnberg, Germany is another. With a little help from my friends, I got a 5 row seat for the Roger Hodgson concert in Nurnberg March 2009!

Some may wonder: “thaaats a pretty darn long way from the Faroes, to attend a concert!” – it is. But not only Roger Hodgson’s fantastic concerts is dragging me there. Many of my dear friends I’ve got to know thanks to the Internet, is also attending, and my heart is filled with joy, because  I’m going to give them REAL hugs instead of those cyber-hugs! And finally, I’ve heard that it’s such a beautiful place.

I consider going there by train from Denmark (after a nauseating trip by ship from the Faroes) – it’s slow, but also cheaper, and I can take a look at Germany, a country just South of my home country, but haven’t had the opportunity to visit.

Until then, I’ll let winter be winter and look forward to a great experience in March.

Oh – just a few pictures from the recent storm. I still prefer the idyllic summer/autumn pictures though (photos by S. Magnussen)

Winter storm

Winter storm

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