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When I settled in the Faroe Islands, I would never have imagined it would become my home like it did. Whenever I’m in Denmark, I suffer from homesickness.

And yes, I’m in Denmark right now – and I’m feeling homesick.

But my boyfriend called me today, warming my heart so much – and I will see him again soon, in a week or so. With that in mind, it’s really good for him and I, that things did not turn out as I was hoping. I can see that now. I have several opportunities to navigate my life into the direction I want.

But for now – here are some pictures from the Faroes. The first two pictures was taken just outside my front door. It’s a privilege to live such a beautiful place!
The second is from a mountain top near my boyfriend’s hometown, where we often pop in for a visit and a cup of coffee.

Home sweet home – I miss you!


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Gone too soon

It’s 24 hours ago since it happened, and I’ve finally found words to post a blog about my thoughts on this. Michael Jackson – aka the King of Pop – has left his body, and is not with us anymore.

Anyone who has known me since my childhood/teenage years knows that I’ve always been a big fan of Jackson. And in honour of him, I’ll talk about my experiences with his music. It’s also too long ago I’ve been blogging, this is the longest gap between two posts – but here’s a good reason to write again.

I’m not sure how old I was when I discovered Michael’s music. Basically, I was a big lover of music, and I can mention a lot of names, that have been with me since early childhood – that’s music from Pink Floyd to Randy Crawford, to Supertramp to the Scorpions to Classical music (especially my beloved Debussy album) and: Michael Jackson.

As you see – these genres are so different from each other, and maybe Michael is the most different of these names I just mentioned.

It all started with a lonely moment a dark winter day. I was 11 years old (if I remember right), and I enjoyed my tea and listened to the radio, watching the snow falling. The first notes of “Who is it?” was played, and I listened to the voice and the music. That guy sang with such a passion, it went straight to my heart. They said “you listened to Michael Jackson….” – I had to find the album with that song! But until I found it, I started listening to everything else of his music, especially Thriller. The rythms went straight to my legs and feet, and I was dancing around. I loved it!

Thanks Michael, for those moments!

Years passed, and I slowly got the collection of Michael’s albums. Whenever I had money, I saved up for buying music – and I recieved “Bad” at a Christmas eve, from my uncle (by the name Michael, funnily enough). Another uncle gave me a voucher card for a music store, and I bought “Dangerous” – and there it was: Who is it!

I was a shy – very shy – teenager, and I always hated partys at school. The worst parts of it, was the dance floor! I hated dancing, and if a boy finally turned to me and asked for a dance, I wished I could turn myself invisible. That was just until Michael Jackson’s music thundered out of those speakers: I could all the steps, the moonwalk… I forgot my shyness and danced around.

Thanks Michael, for those moments!

In 1997, Michael Jackson was touring, and went to Denmark. Can you imagine a happy young fan being excited? Yes, and my Dad who thought I was a little too young to go to the “big and wild city” – Copenhagen – went with me. This happened at a time where him and I, who were always pals, found each other again after my parent’s divorce several years previously. I had been living with my mom, but now I felt the tide was turning, and moved in at my Dad’s house. And there we were, in Copenhagen. I was a country girl, and I thought the city was big indeed! But the mood was so warm all over the stadium, it was a wonderful summer evening.

The concert itself. Wow. How to describe that? If you said the word “concert” to me, I would relate to an intimate moment at a small venue filled with people, good mood and great music. This was 52.000 people packed at the stadium – and the biggest and most hard-working band I had ever seen, an amazing number of dancers, and not to forget all the effects! It was more a “show” than a concert, if you can follow me? The music of course was outstanding…but followed with the show, I was overwhelmed for weeks! I was impressed by Michael. Even though the venue was so enormous, he somehow managed to reach us all – to every corner of the stadium.

Thanks Michael, for these moments!

As years passed and I grew older, it became more rare that I listened to his music. I still liked it, but my interests changed a bit. I don’t know why, really, but people change. I still read the papers when there were news about him, and it was a pain in my heart to see it was mostly bad news. I realised that he probably wouldn’t get very old.

His life story is so sad – yes he got fame, success and everything, but it had a price: he never had the chance to find himself and learn whom he was. Why change the way he looked so often? What would he change and what was it he wished to become?

I’ll never know. But I do know he gave us music, that will be remembered and loved.

All my thoughts and condolences to his children, family and friends.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

And thanks again for all the wonderful moments.

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