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Holy crap I’m tired right now. It’s been a long day – but I’m happy! I did some tests today, and overall, it was sheer success! I only failed some math tests, which isn’t good – but I’ll take a new test in June. The important thing today was to prove myself qualified to the career I’m taking – and ideed, not only did I get that qualification stamp (or whatever they call it), they said: “continue like that, and you’ll be the first female Admiral in Denmark”


That’s not what I want – basically, I hate military and war – but if I can put myself in a place where I may end up saving people’s lives at sea, I’ll be exactly where I want to be. That could be everything from assisting a ship in trouble, or flying a rescue helicopter – which is, as you already know, what I’m dreaming of.

I only need to pass some big tests in June, and I’m not nervous about it: I’m looking forward to it ­čÖé

So I can fall asleep happy today…but first: just one stupid quiz before going to bed, lol!

You Should Light a Coconut Candle

You are simple yet exotic. You are colorful, bold, and wild… but you’re not picky or fussy.

In your group of friends, you are the fascinating one. You always have an amazing story to tell.

You’re the type of person that no one ever forgets. You make a lasting impression.

You yearn to travel more and are always dreaming of your next adventure. You love expanding your horizons.

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