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I just found this picture. It’s me.
As you see – I was a smart kid, LOL

Anyway – I actually remember this. One of my very first memories in this life, and even though some people say, that kids dont remember things until they are 3 or 4, I certainly have very early memories. I remember this, because it was a strange moment (for me). The newspaper was something my granddad always read, and I wondered what it was. So I took a look at it, and I remember people laughing, not knowing why.

Their laughs and the camera pointing at me was a mystery, and this impression did that I remember this.

Some people say that I only remember it because of this picture, but that’s not true – but my Dad believes me. He, too, remembers a few things from that age.

Anyway – I don’t remember what I was reading though. I remember grey-scale pictures (a ship?) but not the text.. that would be amazing if I did. Perhaps, as my Dad jokes, I read about Roger Hodgson leaving Supertramp. 😉 Could be – because this picture was taken that year – 1983

Time does fly, doesn’t it? 😉

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