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Holy crap I’m tired right now. It’s been a long day – but I’m happy! I did some tests today, and overall, it was sheer success! I only failed some math tests, which isn’t good – but I’ll take a new test in June. The important thing today was to prove myself qualified to the career I’m taking – and ideed, not only did I get that qualification stamp (or whatever they call it), they said: “continue like that, and you’ll be the first female Admiral in Denmark”


That’s not what I want – basically, I hate military and war – but if I can put myself in a place where I may end up saving people’s lives at sea, I’ll be exactly where I want to be. That could be everything from assisting a ship in trouble, or flying a rescue helicopter – which is, as you already know, what I’m dreaming of.

I only need to pass some big tests in June, and I’m not nervous about it: I’m looking forward to it 🙂

So I can fall asleep happy today…but first: just one stupid quiz before going to bed, lol!

You Should Light a Coconut Candle

You are simple yet exotic. You are colorful, bold, and wild… but you’re not picky or fussy.

In your group of friends, you are the fascinating one. You always have an amazing story to tell.

You’re the type of person that no one ever forgets. You make a lasting impression.

You yearn to travel more and are always dreaming of your next adventure. You love expanding your horizons.


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I just found this picture. It’s me.
As you see – I was a smart kid, LOL

Anyway – I actually remember this. One of my very first memories in this life, and even though some people say, that kids dont remember things until they are 3 or 4, I certainly have very early memories. I remember this, because it was a strange moment (for me). The newspaper was something my granddad always read, and I wondered what it was. So I took a look at it, and I remember people laughing, not knowing why.

Their laughs and the camera pointing at me was a mystery, and this impression did that I remember this.

Some people say that I only remember it because of this picture, but that’s not true – but my Dad believes me. He, too, remembers a few things from that age.

Anyway – I don’t remember what I was reading though. I remember grey-scale pictures (a ship?) but not the text.. that would be amazing if I did. Perhaps, as my Dad jokes, I read about Roger Hodgson leaving Supertramp. 😉 Could be – because this picture was taken that year – 1983

Time does fly, doesn’t it? 😉

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Just another quiz to waste some time – but yes, I’m optimistic about the future, as I already wrote in a previous blog post. Anyway: Easter vacation is over, back to work. 😉

You Color Your Life With Vibrant Warmth

You are light hearted and have a sunny disposition. You live a life of gratitude.

You are open and adventurous. You’re interested in young people and what’s new in the world.

You don’t carry any emotional baggage with you through life. What’s done is done, and you’ve moved on.

You start every day fresh. You are optimistic about what’s to come.

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Sorry for starting this blog with shouting like this. It’s just that I’m preparing for the challenges of 2009 and 2010. I only need to pass a few tests in June to enter the career I’ve always dreamt of. I’ll learn how to navigate a ship, and eventually flying a helicopter at sea. My dream is to fly a rescue helicopter someday… or just flying helicopters around the Faroe Islands. Then I will transport people, goods, animals, hay, oil barrels, tourists and musicians around the islands. Or I’ll end up working at the beautiful ocean on a ship.

All that starts in August – if I pass, and I’m pretty sure I will.

Before that comes April, May, June, July – and I have to find out how to spend my time wisely before starting this education, that will take place in Denmark.

That’s the tough part of it. I’ll have to let go of a lot of things to do what I really want, and I’ll be a lot away from home – luckily, my boyfriend is very supportive, and thinks he has a very tough, brave and cool girlfriend. Awwww… even action girls can blush 😆

Anyway. I can spend spring/early summer in the Faroes, and summer in Denmark, since I have to go there anyway in June for that test. Or vice versa. Spend spring in Denmark, then go home after the tests, and enjoy the incredibly beautiful Faroese summer.

And now a new question has arrived: There’s a Roger Hodgson concert coming up in Aachen in August, and some friends tries to convince me to go – it’s not “just” another RH gig. It’s an orchestra show! And I’m ready to go, to get another great concert experience and spend time with good friends.

Realising that I’ll be pretty busy next year, where I’ll spend a lot of time at sea, I think I’ll have to attend that concert – it will take a long time before I have time for that again.

So Anina has convinced Anina, that she has to attend that concert, and spend a weekend in Germany.

But that will mean: not much money for vacations during summer. Dah!

That’s why I can’t wait to start that new career, after many years of studying history and Nordic Litterature I’ve realised it’s pretty hard finding a job where I can use a title called Master of Arts, and after many years on low-budget and never ending financial problems (could be worse though, as I’ve always have had just enough money to have fun), I’ll suddenly have a nice income. But no time to spend money. Nevermind, saving is much better.

Ok… Now I’m just rambling on about career and decisions, but what I’m trying to say is just: what to do now?

I think I’ll go back to the Faroes, finish my thesis there, and come back to Denmark along with my boyfriend in June.
Another thing is: I have planned a one-week long hike in the mountains, and I just can’t wait to go.

I’ll go on that hike in the end of May/beginning of June, where it’s bright 24 hours a day. Perfect time to gather thoughts and mind before big challenges. I have sometimes spent days on my own in nature, but one week in the mountains is very special, and the best vacation I can imagine. And I really need to gather my thoughts and find myself again.

At least: this time I’m not confused and indecisive because of depressions like last year. This time, I’m so happy and optimistic about everything. I’m so optimistic that you could call me impatient: I can’t wait for any of it to happen! Decisions now, is just a matter of where and when, time, and of course trying to find out what’s important and what’s not.

Talking about 2009, it has already been a fantastic year. It was the year when a door opened to follow a great dream, and I had a fantastic trip to Nurnberg, Germany as already described in my blog.

And I have a few things I look forward to, a few things I’m nervous about, and a few things I don’t know what to do about.

Said with less words – it’s an amazing feeling of freedom to do what I want, and still be able to take care of my families in Denmark and the Faroe Islands in the future. I feel strong and happy. I’m happily saying goodbye to a miserable year, and saying hello to a new year of possibilities.

I’ll end this blablabla-blog with a few pictures from the Faroe Islands – I’m hoping to get that helicopter certificate someday, to have views like these every day at work in the future 😉

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