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Ready for the first mountain hike this year. Everything is packed, and I’m ready to go tomorrow at dawn. The weather isn’t going to be too nice, but while the summer hikes mostly are for fun and a nice way to enjoy the mild summer days – this is about challenging myself a bit. Not that I intend doing something stupid, like climbig wet, slippery, rocky mountainsides – nope, this is just walking, walking and more walking.

Oh well.. this hike isn’t only about getting my lazy body in shape again (especially as preparing for the challenges of 2009) – of course I’ll bring a camera. And the rough, Faroese weather at winter has its own beauty. During summers, the mountains are green and beautiful. This time of the year, if they aren’t covered with snow, they are some sort of yellow-ish green. Some call it olive-coloured. Never mind.

I had planned copying a small map of tomorrow’s hike into this blog post, but I can’t say where I’m going, as it is really up to the weather. If it’s stormy and rainy, I’ll take a walk a few miles out in the valley, and then walk up on one of the lower mountain passes. If the weather is good, I’ll head for the 600 metres high mountain pass that I look at everyday, through the window of my home office. Funnily enough – that spot uses to be the first place I go hiking, as it’s rather easy to go there (that means; not too steep) and the view from there is wonderful.

Here’s a pic from one of my hikes last year – hopefully, many more is to come. I already have BIG plans for the summer of 2009, before I go to sea. Among them, there are still some islands I haven’t visited yet. Yes, the Faroe Islands is such a small country, yet, there is so much to explore.

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Blogthings… What to say about that? I think they are funny and addictive, however, I don’t take them too seriously. But this one? It is SO true what it says about me! Read a few of my recent blog posts, and you’ll know why I am surprised 🙂 A bit scary, actually – maybe these tests aren’t that bad at all?


Your Spiritual Number is Four

You bring stability and order into people’s lives.

You are a devoted friend, and you are able to help other get out of extremely chaotic situations.Right now, your life is about making difficult choices and complicated decisions.

You find yourself at a crossroads, and you can’t stall any longer.

While you may be going through a confusing time, you are confident that you will do the right thing.

You have the courage to do what’s best, even when it’s hard.

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