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At New Year, I was SO ready to say goodbye to 2008 – but still wondering if 2009 would be any better.

And now I have realised, that it probably will, because of a huge decision I made less than a week ago.

To change the course of my life, and go to sea as I have always dreamt of, but never thought of as a way for me, just until now.

And today, I went to the post office, sending an application form, for joining the Danish Navy.

Navy? It sounds so…war-ish, doesn’t it? But really, my future job will be to sail the North Atlantic, patrolling the Danish/Faroese/Greenlandic territories, preventing ships to fish illegaly, take action in cases of pollution (ships dumping oil into the seas), and assisting ships in problems.. fortunately, that’s rare.

I love the sea so much. Even though I live in those small islands, surrounded by the endless ocean, I never feel that I live in a small and isolated place. Actually, the few months I tried to live as a big city citizen in Copenhagen, I felt really isolated and almost faded away until I finally settled in the countryside again. 5 months in a big city is more than enough for me.. and Copenhagen isn’t even really big.. but 1 million people around me, and I feel isolated.

What I just try to say is, that to me, the shores of the Faroe Islands isn’t a place where everything stops. It’s the beginning of another world. A wave-y world, that will become my “office” in the future.

I had closed a door years ago, a door to a part of myself, that has now opened up, ready for the challenges of 2009.

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