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Ready for the first mountain hike this year. Everything is packed, and I’m ready to go tomorrow at dawn. The weather isn’t going to be too nice, but while the summer hikes mostly are for fun and a nice way to enjoy the mild summer days – this is about challenging myself a bit. Not that I intend doing something stupid, like climbig wet, slippery, rocky mountainsides – nope, this is just walking, walking and more walking.

Oh well.. this hike isn’t only about getting my lazy body in shape again (especially as preparing for the challenges of 2009) – of course I’ll bring a camera. And the rough, Faroese weather at winter has its own beauty. During summers, the mountains are green and beautiful. This time of the year, if they aren’t covered with snow, they are some sort of yellow-ish green. Some call it olive-coloured. Never mind.

I had planned copying a small map of tomorrow’s hike into this blog post, but I can’t say where I’m going, as it is really up to the weather. If it’s stormy and rainy, I’ll take a walk a few miles out in the valley, and then walk up on one of the lower mountain passes. If the weather is good, I’ll head for the 600 metres high mountain pass that I look at everyday, through the window of my home office. Funnily enough – that spot uses to be the first place I go hiking, as it’s rather easy to go there (that means; not too steep) and the view from there is wonderful.

Here’s a pic from one of my hikes last year – hopefully, many more is to come. I already have BIG plans for the summer of 2009, before I go to sea. Among them, there are still some islands I haven’t visited yet. Yes, the Faroe Islands is such a small country, yet, there is so much to explore.


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Blogthings… What to say about that? I think they are funny and addictive, however, I don’t take them too seriously. But this one? It is SO true what it says about me! Read a few of my recent blog posts, and you’ll know why I am surprised 🙂 A bit scary, actually – maybe these tests aren’t that bad at all?


Your Spiritual Number is Four

You bring stability and order into people’s lives.

You are a devoted friend, and you are able to help other get out of extremely chaotic situations.Right now, your life is about making difficult choices and complicated decisions.

You find yourself at a crossroads, and you can’t stall any longer.

While you may be going through a confusing time, you are confident that you will do the right thing.

You have the courage to do what’s best, even when it’s hard.

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Waiting patiently

I feel equally happy and frustrated these days. I made a decision about my future that I’m very happy about – and I wonder how I suddenly found out about this opportunity. I have been praying for something to happen in my life, that would show me a future, that would be different from unemployment and in worst case – that I would have to leave the Faroes to live in Denmark again.

And suddenly I found a way to follow an old dream, and it feels like a miracle. I am very grateful, and I’m confident that I can do this.

But I am waiting for the day where I will know if I’m qualified or not. It’s a one day long test, that will take place in a month. A MONTH?

The past years have been flying away, and now a month seems forever?

I don’t understand the concept of “time”

I am waiting, and I know when I’ve finished waiting, I will have a hard time keeping up with time!

I can’t wait for the adventures at sea.. if I pass the tests, that is. I know I will, but one can’t be sure until it’s confirmed.

Counting days..

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I have tons of ideas, thoughts and other interesting things to write about at the moment, but my recent posts have already revealed what’s on my mind.

So instead of writing somewhat the same thing, I’ll post a simple blogthing.. the Sunset test 😆

You Crave a Dynamic Life

Your dream is to live a life where you are constantly learning and evolving.

You believe that the world, people, and life are incredibly fascinating.

You want to use your mind as much as possible. You want to dare yourself to do what’s difficult.

You’d like to expand your worldview and maybe even solve some of the world’s problems.

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Fast, faster – fastest

So, I’m going to sea – which means – taking more education. It’s going to be tough, as it requires a lot of physical training. Should’t be much of a problem, as I am strong, and I take weekly mountain hikes for fun – but running? That has never been something for me.

I read about what’s required of women seeking admission to the Navy, and in less than a month, I’ll go through some tests. One of them is to run 2000 metres in less than 13 minutes and 45 seconds.

So today I wanted to test myself, and went outside – ready..steady.. GO!!

Uhm.. I’m NOT going to talk about Faroese weather this time, except that the weather was beautiful when I went outside. But few minutes later, just as I was ready to run – the wind started blowing, followed by rain and just as I started running – a hailstorm. Ouch!

But stubborn as I am, I set the clock to 10 minutes – not 13.45 –  and started running to see how far I would get within these ten minutes. The sharp wind and hail wasn’t fun, and I had to run with closed eyes and/or look down.

But I just ran. And when my watch started beeping, I looked up, and found myself 3000 metres out in that valley! The goal was 2000.

With the wind coming from behind this time, I ran home again.

And now – 6 hours after that, not a single muscle in my poor body isn’t sore. 😆

It’s one of those days I feel was a success, and a step closer towards my dream for 2009.

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At New Year, I was SO ready to say goodbye to 2008 – but still wondering if 2009 would be any better.

And now I have realised, that it probably will, because of a huge decision I made less than a week ago.

To change the course of my life, and go to sea as I have always dreamt of, but never thought of as a way for me, just until now.

And today, I went to the post office, sending an application form, for joining the Danish Navy.

Navy? It sounds so…war-ish, doesn’t it? But really, my future job will be to sail the North Atlantic, patrolling the Danish/Faroese/Greenlandic territories, preventing ships to fish illegaly, take action in cases of pollution (ships dumping oil into the seas), and assisting ships in problems.. fortunately, that’s rare.

I love the sea so much. Even though I live in those small islands, surrounded by the endless ocean, I never feel that I live in a small and isolated place. Actually, the few months I tried to live as a big city citizen in Copenhagen, I felt really isolated and almost faded away until I finally settled in the countryside again. 5 months in a big city is more than enough for me.. and Copenhagen isn’t even really big.. but 1 million people around me, and I feel isolated.

What I just try to say is, that to me, the shores of the Faroe Islands isn’t a place where everything stops. It’s the beginning of another world. A wave-y world, that will become my “office” in the future.

I had closed a door years ago, a door to a part of myself, that has now opened up, ready for the challenges of 2009.

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Some may have wondered what I’ve been doing recently – no blog posts since New Year! And not only that – I’ve not been emailing, chatting ect.  a lot.

Here’s why:

I live in the Faroe Islands. That’s awesome! Except…what am I to do here, when I graduate and become a MA (Master of Arts)? I mean – the financial crisis we hear about all the time, is also reality for the Faroe Islands, which means, basically: It’s hard to find a job.

Which brings me back in time, when I was younger and was about to choose my path in this life. What I really wanted to, was to work on a ship on the wide, beautiful ocean. But I didn’t know a lot about this kind of career, so I sticked with what I was familiar with, and closed the door to what I was dreaming about.

So I’ve been hiding in a shell, being concerned, broke and a bit depressive.

That was until I started having weird dreams at night. Let me tell you one of them:

> I was on a large ship, in stormy weather- feeling good, actually. Then my phone rings, and I see on the display, that it’s not a phone number I’m familiar with. I pick it anyway, and someone says “This is the Captain from RIT- 0558, tell me wich course to take!”

I don’t know the answer, and a bit shocked, I just hang up. But just as I do that, I know the answer. I dial up and shout: “Go Northwest!” Then I woke up. <

My phone told me it was 5.58 AM, 2 minutes before the alarm would go, and I thought “well that explains the ship’s number. But what about the RIT?

Dreams like these brought me back to my old dream, and feeling bitter about it because I now live in a country that needs people at sea, I clearly see now, that I took the wrong decision, but predicting the future is not easy.

But as said – I’m out of my shell now! I’ve realised one thing: it’s never too late, to follow a dream!

When I look at the cool ships sailing around the Faroes, patrolling the coast and sea, to catch suspicious looking ships (for example foreign ships fishing illegaly on Faroese/Danish territory), I thought it would be cool to work on one of those – so now I plan joining them!

It’s a one year – even well-paid – education, and I’ll be at sea, working for the Kingdom of Denmark…in the Navy. And there’s a really good chance that I would end on one of the ships of the Faroese Coast Guard.

Do you know what’s really weird? One of those ships patrolling around the Faroes, is named TRITON. Does that explain the RIT in my dream?

Anyway. I’ve realised that it would be perfect for me – I’m physically and mentally very strong, I’m adventourous, I love the sea, and I don’t want to work with books..not for now, at least.

I told my boyfriend about this idea, anxious for what he would say about me being away from home a lot. He is VERY supportive, and as he says “how cool it would be to tell my frends that my fiancé is working at sea!” And it’s not a problem for us, since we don’t have kids.

I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Maybe because no one told me about this option. Maybe because I was afraid to change the course of my life, and become the captain on my own ship, heading from Denmark to the Faroe Islands (northwest!).

If you fill a closet or a drawer with too much, you can no longer close it – and that strange dream I had, was the voice asking me to start cleaning up.. LOL. The door I closed many years ago suddenly opened up, and that’s just awesome.

Now there’s only one thing to be concerned about: Will I pass the test, that would let me into this career? Am I qualified? I know I am, but I’ve learned to take nothing for granted. I’m very optimistic about the future, though.

Wish me luck – prayers are welcome 😉

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