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I’m a night person with big “N”, or I was probably born in a wrong time zone. It’s 4.00 AM and I can’t sleep. So what is better than trying to blog myself to sleep? If I can write the most boring blog post ever, I just might eventually fall asleep. So here’s a lot of un-exciting information.

– My little kitten is doing well. He loves falling asleep between my boyfriend and I, and he sleeps like a baby until we get up.

– I’ve got a song stuck in my head for about a week now: Child of vision, Supertramp/RH. That song is like: if it gets stuck in your head, all you can do is to sing along to your inner stereo for some days.

– Last night – where I actually fell asleep about 2 AM, I dreamt I won the lottery, and the first thing I did, was buying a new clarinet (the one I own is broken and I can’t afford a better one). Not only that: I was jamming with a jazz band all night.

– The winter weather in the Faroe Islands is incredibly bad. Storm and rain. My basement door was smashed again, because I left it open, and the wind kind of ripped it off.

– I saw a pink sheep. The farmers use colours to recognise their sheep, but not that much! I wonder whatever happened. I thought I needed a doctor (or less Irish Coffee) when I saw a pink sheep outside my front door. Who says that living in the Faroe Islands is boring?

Well – I’ll go to bed, and maybe counting pink sheep helps in the process of falling asleep… If I could just go back to dreamland and perform with that band again *sigh*

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