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Right behind my house, a beautiful river is flowing. And I love fishing there once in awhile – but guess what happened yesterday; salmons were jumping – an impressive thing to watch. And I was excited to see if I could catch one of them – there were so many. But I didn’t.

That made me wonder why they actually jump, and yesterday, I found the answer: they do it to say: “Nananana I’m right here, I taste really good, but you can’t catch me! nanana…”

I don’t mind that I didn’t caught one, because just watching these beautiful animals was an experience worth writing about. But later – I placed my fishing rod in the sun, to dry it after the trip… and somebody stole it!

So I lost my fishing rod. Guess it’s some of the kids playing around here that did it, but I don’t care who took it. It just annoys me that some people haven’t learnt the difference between “mine” and “somebody else’s”. Grr!

Enough about that – it’s evening, and the sun is shining, and theres not a cloud on the sky. So I’m off to take a long walk in the beautiful green valley where I’m living. Lucky me!

Oh… a picture my boyfriend just took, of the river where I went fishing:

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