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I wrote in my latest post, that I was wishing a cool breeze so much, that I hardly couldn’t wait to get back home to the Faroes. And I was brought to a colder place by plane alright.. in Iceland!

Good old fog, my friend – you haven’t caused any problems in these islands for two months. Nope, you were patiently waiting for me to land there by plane, and so giving me a free vacation in Iceland. A good thing that Ialmost love flying more than anything else, so I enjoyed being in Iceland for a day. And by night, flying to Iceland in the sunset that was becoming sunrise at the same time was magical. Flying in those red and golden coloured clouds over an impressive sea-and landscape;…over the blue ocean, over green valleys and mountains and glaciers… it was so beautiful, that it gave me wet eyes!

Today we finally made it to the Faroes, and the happiness of being home also gave me wet eyes. Oh dear I am sentimental! But beautiful nature, happiness and a little adventure – is there a better combination in the world? Maybe, but not for me. So no wonder if emotions takes over once in awhile. 🙄

And by the way, one funny thing: on the bus on our way from the airport in Iceland to our hotel, a young girl was listening to music – she was listening to Roger Hodgson’s “Along came Mary”. What can I say other than that this girl has a very good taste in music? 😉 So I fell asleep with that song stuck in my head, and it has been playing in there today too – which reminded me of how time is flying. It’s almost two years ago that Roger performed in the Faroes – also after zig-zagging around the North Atlantic to reach those islands. But as we say in the Faroes: “if weather allows” – and I’m finally getting used to it.


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