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Most of the young people on my age prefer living in big cities – all my old classmates has left the countryside in Denmark, and now live in bigger cities where they – as some of them say – never get bored. But I moved far away from everything. The Faroe Islands is inhabited by 48.000 people, and is located hundreds of miles from nearest coastline. And they ask “why do you want to live there??”. It’s right – I can’t go shopping whenever I want to. There are not big parties every weekend. But I’m not interested in those activities anyway – I’m more interested in a quiet life, in a beautiful place.

And the picture below shows my village and the neighbouring village (Hvalvik, left side, Streymnes, right side) – and I think I’ve captured the beauty of the place very well. I took the picture at 12 AM. So it’s another picture of the midnight sun. That I have this view just outside my door is worth more than anything else, and I’m not missing the city life in Denmark. I’m a country girl, and I’m proud of it! ūüėČ

Hvalv√ę by night

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