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Silly thing, that I was too lazy to take pictures, now that my legs carried me up to no less that two beautiful viewpoints. But I did get a couple, though. To be honest, I prefer photographing, when the grass is green all over the country, that means in July-August. Right now, it’s still “yellow-ish” after the winter. But still.. this is from my hike Saturday 😉


Here’s the mountain that I considered climbing, or rather – walking. On the other side it’s not that steep, so you can actually walk all the way up, even though it’s a bit tough. I guess theres around 60-70 meters from where I’m standing, to the top.

And a few sheep.. cute animals, aren’t they? 🙂 I had too use digital zoom, as they are wild sheep – they aren’t talkative at all. Every time I took one step closer, they ran four steps away.

And finally, Fuglafjordur – “Bird Firth”. You can’t see the firth, as it’s hiding behind the mountain on my right side. It’s a nice town, with 1500 inhabitants.

I am planning other hikes, as I love walking in the mountains – and I can’t tell ya how happy I am to be back home!



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