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I did it! Walked all the way from my home in Hvalvík to my boyfriend’s family in Fuglafjorður. It took me 6 hours – and even though it was tougher than I expected, I feel good. Apperantly, I’m in good shape.

To get there, I had to cross two passes (up and down again!) the first was 2132 feet (650 meters) high, and after walking down the mountain side, crossing a beautiful valley, I headed for the next one, that was 2296 feet (700 meters).

On the second pass, I even considered climbing a mountain – but it looked too dangerous, because it was very steep, and I’d had to avoid a huge gorge. And at this point I was tired, so I said to the mountain “some other time”

Except the fantastic view, I enjoyed the fresh mountain streams – I had nearly forgotten how refreshing, cool, and clean those streams are. Simply the best beverage under the sun!

Pictures? I did take some – but now I’m too lazy to upload them and comment on them 😆 That will have to wait, now I’ll just enjoy the evening sun that lasts until 11 pm (favourite time of the year!) and relax. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend 😉


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