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I’m looking SO much forward to this weekend – I’m going to do a few things that should be fun. Hiking and fishing, and visiting family – maybe even a BBQ party

BUT first.. the boring part. Cleaning up the house. For some reason, it seems that everything inside my house live its own life. I already cleaned and organized some parts of it (the living room and kitchen), and while doing that, I found a few lost items. For example, I found my “Famous last words” album again, that had been gone for some moths. Yay! Nice listening to that again, especially while exploring every corner of the house, finding even more lost items – cat toys, books, pencils under the sofa (my cats LOVE playing with them) ect.

Anyway, once finished, I plan going fishing. I planned doing that the other day, but then the weather turned really, really bad. Ah, now I recognise the Faroes again! Actually, it has been sunny for nearly a month, so many streams were drying up. It’s not a big problem, actually, it’s just unusual.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is going to be a day for hiking. I plan my longest hike ever, or – well. Not the longest, but the toughest. Simply walking from my house in Hvalvík (whale bay) to my boyfriend’s family’s house in Fuglafjördur (Bird firth)- It will take a lot of ups and downs (lol) and even climbing. So my next blog posts will probably be about sore muscels 😆 But there’s nothing I love more, than walking by my own in the mountains, enjoying the beauty of mother nature. When I lived in Denmark, I took long walks at the beach or in the forests, now it’s in the mountains of the Faroe Islands – but walking in those peaceful spots gives me so much peace in my mind. And when it comes to climbing/walking in mountains – it’s a much better way of exercising, than in fitness centres! I remember my first hikes in the Faroes too well – I thought I was in good shape.. but on the top of that mountain, I felt like calling for a helicopter to bring me down again. And my Faroese friends were already on their way down the mountain.

Anyway, when I finally come to Fuglafjördur Saturday evening, we’ll – if the weather is good (forecasts are ok) -have a bbq party, with family and friends. That should be a nice way of recovering from a long hike.

But first; cleaning up the house.  It’s already 10 am, Friday, and I’m wasting my time blogging! The sooner I finish cleaning, the sooner I can go fishing for cod, flounders and saithe. I still find it amazing – that I can go to the beach, and fish in the North atlantic, not even needing a boat, or needing to wade into the water. Just wearing jeans and a woolen sweater, and I can get myself a wonderful dinner. I do love this country a lot 😉 

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