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Arrrrrrghhh! Just as I was looking forward to sailing back to the Faroe Islands tomorrow, Saturday, and to arrive Monday at 6 AM… I find out that I’ll have to stay another week in Denmark 😦 Not that I mind being in Denmark, but I miss my boyfriend and his lovely family, I miss my cats, my house, hiking in the mountains…well, I miss everything! I start suffering from island madness, but not in that way you usually understand the word, but from actually NOT being on one of them. But there’s a couple of things I have to do, before I can go home.

When I miss the Faroe Islands, I use to listen to Faroese music or look at pictures from the place… or both. Right now I listen to Kári Sverrisson, who sings the song in this video – translation will have to wait, but the footage is beautiful, almost like being home again. Btw, I live not so far from the bridge at 2:02-2:07 😉


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