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Sunny days and sunburnt skin

First, I have one question that anyone with an IQ higher than 15 should be able to answer:
– What happens, when you stay outside under the burning sun, just wearing shorts and a t-shirt, without sun lotion on the skin, after you have spent several month in “darkness” (dark time of the year and after having the skin covered with clothes)?

Apperantly I’m not smart enough to answer that, since I have to learn it instead of using brain capacity on it. So now my skin is red, and it hurts. It really hurts. I even have small yellow blisters on my right cheek.

So now there’s nothing else for me to do than to stay inside and recover.

The strange thing is, that I’ve never done this before – it happens to many people, who wants this “sexy suntan” – they spend countless hours stretched out in their bikinies at high noon, trying to tan their bodies, because they think they look so much better. The skin cancer boom can’t surprise anyone 😦

In my case, I was actually just sitting outside with a friend for a couple of hours, and first then I came to think of sun lotion. And it’s not good for my skin – because my skin is really light. Almost pale. I use to say, that if I wear black shorts, people will have to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from being blinded 😆

What do I want to say with this blog anyway? Other than: enjoy the sun, but remember to take care of yourself – you really don’t want to be sunburnt. It hurts, it’s stupid and very unhealthy.


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