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I did it! Walked all the way from my home in Hvalvík to my boyfriend’s family in Fuglafjorður. It took me 6 hours – and even though it was tougher than I expected, I feel good. Apperantly, I’m in good shape.

To get there, I had to cross two passes (up and down again!) the first was 2132 feet (650 meters) high, and after walking down the mountain side, crossing a beautiful valley, I headed for the next one, that was 2296 feet (700 meters).

On the second pass, I even considered climbing a mountain – but it looked too dangerous, because it was very steep, and I’d had to avoid a huge gorge. And at this point I was tired, so I said to the mountain “some other time”

Except the fantastic view, I enjoyed the fresh mountain streams – I had nearly forgotten how refreshing, cool, and clean those streams are. Simply the best beverage under the sun!

Pictures? I did take some – but now I’m too lazy to upload them and comment on them 😆 That will have to wait, now I’ll just enjoy the evening sun that lasts until 11 pm (favourite time of the year!) and relax. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend 😉


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I’m looking SO much forward to this weekend – I’m going to do a few things that should be fun. Hiking and fishing, and visiting family – maybe even a BBQ party

BUT first.. the boring part. Cleaning up the house. For some reason, it seems that everything inside my house live its own life. I already cleaned and organized some parts of it (the living room and kitchen), and while doing that, I found a few lost items. For example, I found my “Famous last words” album again, that had been gone for some moths. Yay! Nice listening to that again, especially while exploring every corner of the house, finding even more lost items – cat toys, books, pencils under the sofa (my cats LOVE playing with them) ect.

Anyway, once finished, I plan going fishing. I planned doing that the other day, but then the weather turned really, really bad. Ah, now I recognise the Faroes again! Actually, it has been sunny for nearly a month, so many streams were drying up. It’s not a big problem, actually, it’s just unusual.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is going to be a day for hiking. I plan my longest hike ever, or – well. Not the longest, but the toughest. Simply walking from my house in Hvalvík (whale bay) to my boyfriend’s family’s house in Fuglafjördur (Bird firth)- It will take a lot of ups and downs (lol) and even climbing. So my next blog posts will probably be about sore muscels 😆 But there’s nothing I love more, than walking by my own in the mountains, enjoying the beauty of mother nature. When I lived in Denmark, I took long walks at the beach or in the forests, now it’s in the mountains of the Faroe Islands – but walking in those peaceful spots gives me so much peace in my mind. And when it comes to climbing/walking in mountains – it’s a much better way of exercising, than in fitness centres! I remember my first hikes in the Faroes too well – I thought I was in good shape.. but on the top of that mountain, I felt like calling for a helicopter to bring me down again. And my Faroese friends were already on their way down the mountain.

Anyway, when I finally come to Fuglafjördur Saturday evening, we’ll – if the weather is good (forecasts are ok) -have a bbq party, with family and friends. That should be a nice way of recovering from a long hike.

But first; cleaning up the house.  It’s already 10 am, Friday, and I’m wasting my time blogging! The sooner I finish cleaning, the sooner I can go fishing for cod, flounders and saithe. I still find it amazing – that I can go to the beach, and fish in the North atlantic, not even needing a boat, or needing to wade into the water. Just wearing jeans and a woolen sweater, and I can get myself a wonderful dinner. I do love this country a lot 😉 

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First, let me tell you a joke – I heard it a few weeks ago, and I came to think of it last Monday.

– Two men were sitting on a bench, when a German tourist approached them, and asked them about something – none of the two men understood German, and the tourist then tried asking the same question in French. None of them understood French either. So the tourist tried in Spanish – but the two men just shook their heads, and the tourist gave up and walked away.

“Well” one of them said. “maybe one should learn some languages”.
“Why?” the other replies – “that man spoke three languages, and what did he get out of that??”

I had exactly the same feeling, when I sailed back to the Faroe Islands. There were many tourists on the ship, among them a guy from Switzerland, and two Hungarians who were my “neighbours” during the trip.

The guy from Switzerland sat next to me on the sun deck, and asked me – in German – where I came from, and where I was going. I replied in English that I live in the Faroe Islands, and that I was on my way home. He didn’t speak much English, so I had to use those few words I know in German. Not only that – he was very, very hard to understand. Well, I must have been hard to understand too. “Ich wohne in..err..die Färöer…err..ich bin on my way nach hause…”
“Ah, die Färöer Inseln? Ja ja, ich verstehe” And then we agreed that “wetter ist schön” (weather is good).

Then I met those very kind Hungarian people. They asked me if I spoke German, and I could only reply “not much”, but he spoke a little English. I never found out if I spoke more German than he spoke English – and his wife basically only spoke Hungarian, but understood a bit English. So again, communicating was a bit hard, but again – we managed to communicate somehow. At some point, I was sure we had made up a brand new language, mixing German, English, Hungarian and Danish. But the matter was, we understood one another with this nonsense-language 😆

The funny thing was, that when I arrived in the Faroes, I went for a looong walk in the wonderful weather – and then I met those Hungarians again. They had 6 hours in the Faroe Islands before the ship continued to Iceland. They asked for suggestions for what to see. What is “I recommend you a walk along the coastline for good pictures, or the museums for learning about the islands” called in German/Hungarian? They had a map with them, and I tried to point at the spots that I could recommend them, but I never found out if they understood it. But I met them in the most boring part of Thorshavn, and I just tried to show them a way to a more beautiful spot.

I wasn’t the only one that day, who were challenged in languages – my boyfriend told me that he had met an Italian tourist (also from the ship), who only spoke Italian. My boyfriend speaks a tiny little bit of Italian, and with a few words he tried to tell the Italian fellow the way to a museum. “Capisco! capisco” he said (I understand I understand), and walked in the wrong direction.

So that was why I came to think of that joke. I speak and understand Danish, English, Norweigan, Swedish, Faroese and that tiny bit of German. That is 5½ languages, but what did it help me?

So, I have to do something about it very soon – learn German and maybe some Spanish, Italian and French. Then I would be the perfect tourist guide 😆

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Beautiful days

I can’t believe it. When I woke up at 6 am, the sun was shining and there were no winds at all. The Faroes really look like picture I have as a top banner these days. Green and blue – and yellow because of all the buttercups you see everywhere.

What woke me up, was two oystercatchers – there are so many of them in the valley where I live – that was sitting on a rooftop, having an argument.

Actually, I didn’t sleep much – we don’t have any curtains in our bedroom (there are no neighbours to that side of the house anyway), and that is a problem at this time of the year. At 11-12 pm, it’s almost daylight! Not strange, when thinking of the latitude where the Faroes are located. As I can see on my little “widget” on my blog page, it says

Sunrise: 4.04 am
Sunset: 10.49 pm

And after a long and dark winter, it’s just refreshing with all that light – even if it means that I don’t sleep as tight as I do on dark winter nights.

So. I’m up early, and I have many plans for today.
1. Clean house. All of it! I’ve been away for a long time, and my boyfriend is not a..well.. he wouldn’t do well as a housekeeper, to put it so 😉

2. Laundry – it’s good when weather is so warm and sunny, so clothings ect. can dry outside.

3. Fishing. I’ll see if I can catch a cod or a flounder for dinner – there are many of those here, so they’re easy to catch. Strange country. No vegetables or fruits grow here, but there are plenty of fish. But I’m not complaining.

4. Organize things – my office is a real mess. I have to do something about it now, before it’s too late! 😆

So – enough writing. Guess I have to get started now.
Have a nice week everyone 😉

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If just there was a way to describe how happy I am right now! – It’s impossible, because what does a person feel, when being away from home for a long time, and then going back home? And not only that – the sun is shining, it’s warm, and the mountains are green and beautiful.

I have really missed “my” islands. So I am so happy, that I could kiss every mountain and every hill!

I “took the long way home” (sorry, I can’t help it 😆 ) by ship, and I woke up at 4 am already, and instead of sleeping one more hour, I got up, and went out on the sun deck.. the sun was rising, and the weather was fantastic. And the sunlight turned everything golden! Usually, the ocean is blue – I call it “when does ocean stop and sky begin?-blue”. This morning, it was “when does ocean stop and sky begin-golden!” And in the horizon, the green islands rised up of the ocean, reaching the golden sky. And the closer we got, the happier I was.

My boyfriend picked me up, and after driving around a bit, we went for a long walk, hand in hand. Ah. That’s life! And now, my boyfriend is at work, while I’m sitting here at a library in Thorshavn, wondering if I should take a bus the rest of my way home, or if I should just wait and drive with him back home.

It’s already 11 am (well almost), and I think I’ll just hang out here at the library and drive with my boyfriend back home around 4 pm. Maybe I’ll spend the time taking another long walk – I have to get back in shape for long hikes in the mountains, and I do feel that’s it’s awhile ago – I already have sore muscels 😆

 Oh dear. I could ramble on about my happiness, but I’ll stop for now, and just enjoy that I am home again 😀

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Commercials. I hate commercials! Just as you’re watching a movie or a TV show, they pop up and you (at least I do) forget what I was watching.

But some of those commercials are worth blogging about – because they’re fun! I remember a TV show, that showed funny commercials from all over the world….that show, of course was also interrupted by commercials *duh* – but apart from that, it used to be my favourite show! 

Now I watched some of them again (thanks again, youtube!), and I wondered why the Danish ones always have to do with either beer or sex? Are Danes really this naughty (or simple) that the most hilarious stuff has to do with those things? I don’t know, but I admit – I laugh everytime I watch these 🙄

The first clip I’m going to show you, hasn’t anything to do with beer or sex though, but it’s still my all time favourite – I still remember those days, where people tried to learn English by using a walkman and a tape.. hilarious! 😀

So – enjoy!

And..good ol’ Internet addiction..:

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Arrrrrrghhh! Just as I was looking forward to sailing back to the Faroe Islands tomorrow, Saturday, and to arrive Monday at 6 AM… I find out that I’ll have to stay another week in Denmark 😦 Not that I mind being in Denmark, but I miss my boyfriend and his lovely family, I miss my cats, my house, hiking in the mountains…well, I miss everything! I start suffering from island madness, but not in that way you usually understand the word, but from actually NOT being on one of them. But there’s a couple of things I have to do, before I can go home.

When I miss the Faroe Islands, I use to listen to Faroese music or look at pictures from the place… or both. Right now I listen to Kári Sverrisson, who sings the song in this video – translation will have to wait, but the footage is beautiful, almost like being home again. Btw, I live not so far from the bridge at 2:02-2:07 😉

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