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So far, I can’t say 2008 has been a great year, as the first months has been so frustrating. Too many sad things has been on my mind, but my inner strenght (or what’s left of it) keeps me going. Long walks usually help clearing my mind, and they do – and these days the spring adds some comfort and beauty in a rough time.

Today, I took another long walk at the beach near where I grew up, on the island Zealand in Denmark – and this time I had a camera with me. So this is what early spring looks like here. Soon the brown colours will be light green, and I’ll take more pics of this area.

– Please throw your garbage here, take care of the environment.

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Today, I’m going to post two videos with the same song. I have posted it before, in forums and in my old blog, but today I woke up with the song stuck in my head, so here we go again. It’s a sweet song, written by a Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur (one of my favourite musicians) and this song – “Louis Louis” is dedicated to Louis Armstrong, Teitur’s favourite musician.

I like the video (the first one of those below), because it shows how we affect each others lives, sometimes without even knowing it. The video is recorded in Denmark, and the last part of it reminds me so much of summer days in my home country – bicycling around the countryside, visiting people and enjoy the bright summer days.. uh, I’m getting kind of nostalgic now 😀 But memories is exactly why I post the other one too. That is Teitur performing the song at a festival in the Faroes. I was there at that concert, and it’s fun to see this again, but this time with a view from stage over the crowd, not the other way round – and it’s beautiful with all those people singing out loud: “all we want is music!”

And that’s true. Without music, we would be living in a dry, cold world. And music is a huge part of Faroese culture – that brings people together, strenghtens the community, and makes this place feel less isolated. Anyway, first of all, it’s just a nice song that I like listening to, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too 😉

And here’s the concert clip.. the quality of it could be better, you don’t have to watch it, LOL

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Just a note to the latest blog.. 45% + 30% + 20% .. that makes only 95%. So what happened to the last 5%? Maybe they make the Danish dialect part? Guess I’ll have to visit America someday to find out what people think 😉 Would be nice!

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This was a funny test, mainly because I rarely speak English at all, as it is my second language, so what is my American English linguistic profile? – And I’m always told that I sound British when I speak – which is much better than speaking “Danglish” 😆 Anyway, 45% General American English, 30% Yankee and 20% Dixie – guess it just sounds funny when I speak!

Your Linguistic Profile:

45% General American English

30% Yankee

20% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

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A cat’s map of the bed

I could say a lot in this blog, but I think I’ll let pictures speak this time 😆

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