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Today, April 19th, my Dad has been around for 50 years! And since I am Dad’s little girl, I wish him a big happy birthday in my blog today – as you can see in the picture below.. I AM Dad’s little girl, see the resemblance?

Because Finn is a superdad, cool, fun and very caring. At school, when us kids talked about our parents, and all the other kids bragged about their careers, I couldn’t say much as mine were just unemployed at that time. BUT when my dad played with his band – he was lead guitarist and singer – I could point up at the stage and say “that’s my Dad”, and the other were impressed.

He’s also the guy that who has introduced me to many different kinds of music – especially I thank him for introducing me to Supertramp and Roger Hodgson’s music. Did you know, that Roger Hodgson was a huge source of insperation for my Dad when he was young? That’s one of the reasons why he bought a Gibson back in the days.
A shame he couldn’t come with me to either Randers or Sonderborg, when Roger was there – maybe some other day. At least my mother was with me – even to London too – geez, we’re a family of Roger fans! But anyway, Finn shouldn’t complain – he saw Roger with Supertramp back in 1977 in Copenhagen! Lucky guy.. wish I could have been there, but I wasn’t even a flirt back then…

So today is a special day, that I’ll spend celebrating his birthday – and so far, the weather is absolutely beautiful. Without doubt, he has been a good boy 😉


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