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Yesterday, I had a good time with some of my good friends in Denmark, and they started asking questions about the Faroe Islands. One asked me why anyone would settle there, as she said “don’t you start suffering from island madness?” (said with a glimpse in her eyes of course).

I answered that yes, sometimes you realise, that you are located in the middle of nowhere, with hundreds of miles to the neighbouring countries.. and everywhere you look, you see the wide ocean. But you’re among 47.000 faroese people, so you’re not alone 😉

But Faroese people are somewhat special, and a good place to examine that is at festivals in the summer. I mean, when you find yourself on someone’s shoulders to get a better view to the stage, when being rain soaked just makes it more fun, when you’re mosh pitting to Give a little bit, or just can’t wait for the Smokie gig in summer 2008.. then you wonder if you’re suffering from island madness.. or simply just becoming Faroese.

There are many Faroese musicians, and some of them are even famous outside the Faroe Islands, and are getting big careers abroad. I heard a new name last summer – Budam – also getting more attention around the world. I’ll never forget it.. this guy was yelling/singing “Clap hands clap hands, it’s time to dance”, “move your hands in the air” and so we did.. of course.

And that song, I think, is a good example of island craziness, lol! But being crazy just makes everything more fun – so come on everybody, let’s strengthen our community by singing out loud together and clap hands 😆


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For some reason, it’s almost 5am right now, and I wonder why I’m not in my bed.. or, no, actually I know why I’m not. I suddenly, out of nowhere, got inspiration to poetry and composing music. But where that inspiration came from, I don’t know.

Anyway, that reminds me of an idea I have had for awhile – creating a new blog in Danish (and Norweigan, Swedish, Faroese or whatever languages I speak). The thing is – I have written many poems over the years that I feel like sharing, but all of them is in those Scandinavian languages, and I want to keep my blog English.

So if some of my Scandinavian/North Atlantic readers feel like it, they can now visit www.aninaht.wordpress.com and read some poems in their languages 🙂

I’ve sticked to the same layout/design, but maybe I’ll change that later (when the two almost identic blogs confuses me and I start posting stuff the wrong places 😆 ).

I hope you enjoy it

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