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Now that I have complained about this “home sickness where ever I am”-feeling, it’s time for some more positive vibes in this blog. In a few hours, I’ll be on a train with my mother to the city Roskilde¬†to visit my grandmother (oops, that means I’ll miss the Sunday chat again, sorry guys!).

Only few people know how much I love my grandmother, and how much I love visiting her.

She’s one of those who have been through really tough times in her life, but somehow found the strenght to keep walking – and not only that, caring for others in spite of those hard times.

A precious memory I have that I’ll never forget, was when my mother and I visited her many years ago.. I guess I was 7 years old or so. When going home again, I refused to leave her home and said: “I’m staying here the next 24 years!” Appearantly, 24 years seemed to be forever at that time.. nowadays, time seems to be flying.

She still lives in the same flat, with a wonderful view over the city and the firth. And always when I’m there, I love looking at this town, remembering when I was a child and we went for a walk in the park, down the pedestrian street, at the viking ship museum, at the library and other places like these.

My mother just talked to her, and asked what we should cook for dinner tonight – but she insists on ordering pizza, and then enjoying some tea and pastries.. unhealthy? as she says, she lives on third floor and there’s no lift in that building, so she gets the exercise she needs!

So, visiting her makes the perfect ending for this week, and a new beginning of another. Time IS really flying, and today I thank God that my Grandmother is still with us, so I can enjoy another Sunday evening with her.

Oh, and I think that I’ll bring my copy of Roger Hodgson’s “Take the long Way Home” DVD, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it, as she loves music. And if she likes it, I already know what to bring as present next time I pop in for a visit ūüėČ


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