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This joke just made my day 😆


He went into his father’s business
He lived at home until he was 33
He was sure his Mother was a virgin, and his Mother was sure he was God

He never got married
He was always telling stories
He loved green pastures

His first name was Jesus
He was bilingual
He was always being harassed by the authorities

He talked with his hands
He had wine with every meal
He worked in the building trades

He called everybody “brother”
He liked Gospel
He couldn’t get a fair trial

He never cut his hair
He walked around barefoot
He started a new religion

He had to feed a crowd, at a moments notice, when there was no food
He kept trying to get the message across to a bunch of men who just didn’t get it
Even dead, he had to get up because there was more work for him to do.


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Today, April 19th, my Dad has been around for 50 years! And since I am Dad’s little girl, I wish him a big happy birthday in my blog today – as you can see in the picture below.. I AM Dad’s little girl, see the resemblance?

Because Finn is a superdad, cool, fun and very caring. At school, when us kids talked about our parents, and all the other kids bragged about their careers, I couldn’t say much as mine were just unemployed at that time. BUT when my dad played with his band – he was lead guitarist and singer – I could point up at the stage and say “that’s my Dad”, and the other were impressed.

He’s also the guy that who has introduced me to many different kinds of music – especially I thank him for introducing me to Supertramp and Roger Hodgson’s music. Did you know, that Roger Hodgson was a huge source of insperation for my Dad when he was young? That’s one of the reasons why he bought a Gibson back in the days.
A shame he couldn’t come with me to either Randers or Sonderborg, when Roger was there – maybe some other day. At least my mother was with me – even to London too – geez, we’re a family of Roger fans! But anyway, Finn shouldn’t complain – he saw Roger with Supertramp back in 1977 in Copenhagen! Lucky guy.. wish I could have been there, but I wasn’t even a flirt back then…

So today is a special day, that I’ll spend celebrating his birthday – and so far, the weather is absolutely beautiful. Without doubt, he has been a good boy 😉

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Here’s another one to the Quiz/survey category – click on the image and have fun 😆


What Kind Of Eyes Do You Have?


You have moonlight eyes. Moonlight  is the color of mystery. Your eyes symbolize your ability to see  yourself as others see you. You have finesse for letting other  people know what you think. You have a soothing and calming ability  that you may or may not know about. You have the awesome ability  to draw a person’s negative energy out and replace it with a positive  energy; the world needs more people like you. Some words to describe  you: patient, self-controlled, perseverance, insightful, reflective, understanding, serene, and caring.

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Yesterday, I had a good time with some of my good friends in Denmark, and they started asking questions about the Faroe Islands. One asked me why anyone would settle there, as she said “don’t you start suffering from island madness?” (said with a glimpse in her eyes of course).

I answered that yes, sometimes you realise, that you are located in the middle of nowhere, with hundreds of miles to the neighbouring countries.. and everywhere you look, you see the wide ocean. But you’re among 47.000 faroese people, so you’re not alone 😉

But Faroese people are somewhat special, and a good place to examine that is at festivals in the summer. I mean, when you find yourself on someone’s shoulders to get a better view to the stage, when being rain soaked just makes it more fun, when you’re mosh pitting to Give a little bit, or just can’t wait for the Smokie gig in summer 2008.. then you wonder if you’re suffering from island madness.. or simply just becoming Faroese.

There are many Faroese musicians, and some of them are even famous outside the Faroe Islands, and are getting big careers abroad. I heard a new name last summer – Budam – also getting more attention around the world. I’ll never forget it.. this guy was yelling/singing “Clap hands clap hands, it’s time to dance”, “move your hands in the air” and so we did.. of course.

And that song, I think, is a good example of island craziness, lol! But being crazy just makes everything more fun – so come on everybody, let’s strengthen our community by singing out loud together and clap hands 😆

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For some reason, it’s almost 5am right now, and I wonder why I’m not in my bed.. or, no, actually I know why I’m not. I suddenly, out of nowhere, got inspiration to poetry and composing music. But where that inspiration came from, I don’t know.

Anyway, that reminds me of an idea I have had for awhile – creating a new blog in Danish (and Norweigan, Swedish, Faroese or whatever languages I speak). The thing is – I have written many poems over the years that I feel like sharing, but all of them is in those Scandinavian languages, and I want to keep my blog English.

So if some of my Scandinavian/North Atlantic readers feel like it, they can now visit www.aninaht.wordpress.com and read some poems in their languages 🙂

I’ve sticked to the same layout/design, but maybe I’ll change that later (when the two almost identic blogs confuses me and I start posting stuff the wrong places 😆 ).

I hope you enjoy it

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Now that I have complained about this “home sickness where ever I am”-feeling, it’s time for some more positive vibes in this blog. In a few hours, I’ll be on a train with my mother to the city Roskilde to visit my grandmother (oops, that means I’ll miss the Sunday chat again, sorry guys!).

Only few people know how much I love my grandmother, and how much I love visiting her.

She’s one of those who have been through really tough times in her life, but somehow found the strenght to keep walking – and not only that, caring for others in spite of those hard times.

A precious memory I have that I’ll never forget, was when my mother and I visited her many years ago.. I guess I was 7 years old or so. When going home again, I refused to leave her home and said: “I’m staying here the next 24 years!” Appearantly, 24 years seemed to be forever at that time.. nowadays, time seems to be flying.

She still lives in the same flat, with a wonderful view over the city and the firth. And always when I’m there, I love looking at this town, remembering when I was a child and we went for a walk in the park, down the pedestrian street, at the viking ship museum, at the library and other places like these.

My mother just talked to her, and asked what we should cook for dinner tonight – but she insists on ordering pizza, and then enjoying some tea and pastries.. unhealthy? as she says, she lives on third floor and there’s no lift in that building, so she gets the exercise she needs!

So, visiting her makes the perfect ending for this week, and a new beginning of another. Time IS really flying, and today I thank God that my Grandmother is still with us, so I can enjoy another Sunday evening with her.

Oh, and I think that I’ll bring my copy of Roger Hodgson’s “Take the long Way Home” DVD, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it, as she loves music. And if she likes it, I already know what to bring as present next time I pop in for a visit 😉

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Sometimes I ask myself a deep question: where is home? Home used to be Denmark for 24 years, until I decided to leave it behind me, looking forward to a future in the Faroe Islands. And I felt at home from the first day in my own house in my new village.

But I remember myself moving the last stuff out of my flat in Roskilde, and me listening to Roger Hodgson’s album “Open the Door” for the first time while painting the walls. I had tears in my eyes; one tear of sadness of leaving Denmark, and one tear of happiness when thinking of the future with the man I love. It was kind of ironic, to listen to “Say Goodbye” for the first time in this situation, but it kind of comforted me when listening to the lines “Say goodbye to the old way, say hello to a new day
Well if you want your freedom, oh where’s your freedom?
On the road that lies before you, that is all you need to know, let go”

Not that this song is about moving from one place to another (not literally, I mean), it’s rather about that changing ones life sometimes involves difficult decisions. In my case: leaving family, friends and home behind me to start a new life.

So where am I now? It’s easy to answer: I LOVE the Faroe Islands, it was a very good decision to live there. I have never in my life had so much peace in my mind, because I’m surrounded by all those things I love: mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, never-setting sun in the summer, cosiness with lovely faroese people in dark winter nights, fresh air… freedom. Even though I’ve been through a rough time, my ability of staying calm and focused (thanks to the beauty of mother nature, as shown on the pic on top of this page) keeps me going. So where am I? – I am home.

But still. I’ve been in Denmark for a long time now, to study and work. I’ve mostly lived at my Dad’s home, even though I get along with both my (divorced) parents. But daddy is a great friend, and to listen to him playing his good ol’ Gibson (for those interested: Gibson “The Paul”, 78) while studying reminds me of sweet childhood days and I feel.. well.. at home!

Technically, Faroe Islands is a part of Denmark (which kind of annoys me) so there’s no such thing as “Faroese citizenship” – my passport remain Danish. And since I grew up there, my roots are Danish. The Faroe Islands should be independent (a completely different topic and discussion), because they have their own language, culture, and all in all a different identity. They are Faroese indeed – not Danish. I don’t care about myself when it comes to the identity part of moving, as I see myself more or less as a “world citizen”,  but a Faroese guy told me, which I’ll never forget:

“Anina, are you sure you don’t have Faroese ancestors? You speak Faroese perfectly, you love living here, you join chain dances, sail, hike and enjoy Faroese foods.. you are Faroese!” 😀 “Nei” I said, because I grew up in Denmark. “Well” he said – “then you’re a Faroedane!”

That does sound cool!

But it doesn’t change, that when I’m in the Faroe Islands (home) I miss Denmark (home) and when I’m in Denmark, I miss the Faroe Islands. I guess that will never change. I guess I have to look on the bright side – I’m very fortunate to have people around me who cares about me, and where ever I am; home is where the heart is.

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I’m not going to write much about this, but this is just great news – I’m happy to see Roger getting the respect he truly deserves for all the wonderful music he has given us over the years – and that is reaching a new generation, not only mine (as I’m a younger fan) but also the generation of my younger cousins (not older than 10 years) who love Roger’s music as well. That proves his music is timeless, and reaches many souls. This award is truly well-deserved. Congratulations!

New York, NY—Singer/Songwriter and co-founder of Supertramp, Roger Hodgson, will be honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers April 9 at the 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

Hodgson is ultimately responsible for the hip hop smash “Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast In America” performed by the Gym Class Heroes. That classic hook line “Take a look at my girlfriend, she’s the only one I got” has been stuck in people’s heads since 1979 when Supertramp’s Breakfast In America had a stranglehold on the Billboard #1 Album slot and sold a staggering 18 million copies.

The legendary songwriter would never have dreamt that a song he wrote in his teens when he was barely old enough to vote would span a different genre and become a smash hit again three decades later, a feat seldom replicated.

This is not the first time he has received this award. His classic anthem “Give A Little Bit” was one of the most performed songs in the ASCAP repertoire in 2005 when it was covered by the Goo Goo Dolls, helping to return them to the limelight. Hodgson is also responsible for such rock classics as “The Logical Song,” “Take The Long Way Home,” “Dreamer” and “Fool’s Overture.”

Other artists covering Roger Hodgson’s timeless hits include Scooter who took “The Logical Song” to #3 on the Brit charts. The reigning American Idol winner Taylor Hicks has been performing “Take The Long Way Home” on his current tour. And singer/songwriter James Blunt has been exciting audiences with his cover of “Breakfast In America” on his latest tour.

Roger’s latest DVD, Take The Long Way Home: Live In Montreal (Eagle Rock Entertainment) has him singing 17 of his most beloved songs. Bonus features include rare orchestra and interview footage and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his concert. http://rogerhodgson.com

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Ok, I must admit that I had a really good laugh today, when a friend of mine sent me this video – a woman who had no idea about in which European country Budapest is the capital – she thought Europe is a country!

Anyway, it isn’t that funny afterall, because I bet that most Europeans would have problems answering questions about American states. I only write that, because I once was asked in a quiz at my college “what is the capital of Kentucky!” Yaiks!! I know there’s a large city called Louisville there, but something in my mind told me that Louisville isn’t the capital there. Then suddenly I remembered… Frankfort. How did I know that? I only remembered it, because when I heard of it (in a movie I watched long time ago) I couldn’t help thinking about the European “Frankfurt” – where one of the largest Airports in Europe is located.

So only through weird associations I knew the right answer to a somewhat tricky question – otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue!

 And talking about that, I don’t think you can find a single Dane, who expects Americans to know of Denmark. It’s a tiny little country with only 5,5 millions inhabitants (and at this point I couldn’t help but looking up Kentucky, that is inhabited by only 3.883.723 people). Hehe, actually there were two Danish students, who once went to New York, and asked random people “do you know of Denmark”, and one was pretty sure Denmark was the capital of Sweden 😀

So this poor lady – it wasn’t the easiest question in the world, but still – Europe ain’t a country 😉

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Here’s one of my favourite songs – it’s sung in Faroese, written and composed by Eivör Pálsdóttir. I usually keep this blog in English, but who says music itself has a language? I loved songs in English long before I learned it, and I guess this is the same.. even though I’ve posted a brief translation below.

The reason why I post this today, is that I just love her voice and her music, and wanted to share some of it with you. Amazing that in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean, this incredible artist pops up – and in spite of a big international career, she sticks to her roots and sing in Faroese.

His fragance is that of the sunflowers
the fields and the blue ocean
He can dream himself away, everyday
to places no one has seen
– If only I could fly away with you
but only in my most treasured dreams
do we meet

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