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I’m a big fan of a Swedish vocal group called “The Real Group” – they can do practically everything with their voices. I love them mostly for their great sense of humour. First concert I attended left me completely in tears of laughter – the world was blurred because of all that water coming out of my eyes, so I almost couldn’t see these singers – so I wished I had a camera that could catch it instead!

What they did was to write down every single note from a Disney Cartoon, that I’m sure you all know well.. Donald Duck went out filming a beautiful bird singing…. but Woody Woodpecker shows up and ruins everything! It’s a classic cartoon, one of my favourites. And The Real Group did it so well.

And guess what? I found it on youtube just few minutes ago! A window showing a youtube clip, can never catch the mood and spirit of a concert, so maybe you wouldn’t laugh that hard as I did, but if you need a good laugh, you should watch this! Enjoy!

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