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May they all win!

First note: sorry I haven’t written anything here for weeks, but my life outside cyberspace’s walls has dragged me away from the keyboard and mouse. But here we go again!

One thing that has kept me away from my computer, is something as silly as the TV! I never watch TV, but then suddenly, on a pretty darn windy boring day I had nothing else to do – I grabbed the remote.. and tuned in on X-Factor! Yes, those kinds of talent shows (very much like American Idol, Canadian Idol..ect) have also reached Denmark. And I’ve never been interested in it, but I must say it was good that I tuned in.. I was stunned! Those artists are incredible! How could any of them deserve not to win?

And I was terrified (and disappointed) when my favourite – a guy called Frederik – was voted out of that show. Maybe he wasn’t the best singer in the world, but I’ve never seen anyone be so true to himself, and so much in love with music! He literally came from the street with his guitar, and sung himself into everyones hearts. If you’ve got the time for it, why not listen to him singing “My love is your love”:

I have an other favourite, Laura, who also have a wonderful voice – I really got goose bumps when she sang “License to kill”.. and funnily enough, that is also on youtube!

What makes me most happy, is to see there are still great talents out there, ready to be discovered. I hope some “big guys” out there in music business watch this show, and take these young artists under their wings.

Finally – just to mention three favourites (three is a lucky number isn’t it?) – is a young girl Heidi, with the voice of an angel.. Even though they are all great, she is the one I hope wins – she picks incredibly difficult notes and transitions, and and she just nails every note! she’s right here singing “Whispering at the top of my Lungs!”

Good luck to all, you are really great!

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