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I must say that one bad thing about living up north, is the long, cold and dark winters – I’ve never thought much about it, but for some reason, this winter has been tough. Maybe it’s because that I’m used to the winter in Denmark – it’s dark, and I’m used to that – but the Faroese winter is even darker. And there are these winter storms, with wind speeds at 134 mph ( 60 m/s) as we had few weeks ago. And all the rain… yuck.

But today I saw something that made my spirit laugh.. the snowdrops! When they are here, we now that winter is almost over, and the light is returning. It’s the same magic every year. They’re a bit early this year, but we’ve had a mild winter – guess that explains it.

Maybe it sounds silly – but this flower reminds me every year, that brighter and warmer times are coming. Soon I’ll be walking down the streets with an ice cream in one hand, and my boyfriend’s hand in my other hand ­čśë Thank you for this little reminder, dear snowdrop.


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