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I’ve been so concerned – my boyfriend and I have been away from our home in the Faroes during our Christmas holiday, but he is now back home, while I spend some time studying in Denmark. Our cats have been outside, while our neighbour has taken care of them, feeding them ect. (don’t worry, they have lot’s of shelters and are used to live outside in nature).

But when he got back home, he couldn’t find them. But finally Felix was back home… but Bianca. Where has she been? I’ve been checking my email, waiting for a phone call..everything that could give me the message “Bianca is home”. But she didn’t show up. But now I just got the message, that she’s home, and she’s fine.

Typical cats.. they can stay away for several days, and when they come home again, and they’re being picked up and over-cuddled, they don’t understand, and start thinking “what’s all the fuzz about?”

Here they are.. well it’s an old pic, but I still love it, and when I’m in Denmark, missing my cats (and sometimes also my boyfriend, lol!) I look at pictures of them. Did I hear someone calling me a catlover? LOL – I know I’m crazy and I’m proud of it ­čśÇ


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