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I found some awesome Swedish articles about Roger Hodgson at his website. I understand all of it, and I was wondering if I should try to translate them into English. Or at least some of it… could be a funny way of wasting some time, instead of watching TV or something like that.

There’s just one big problem. I could translate it, yep.. but remember; this is an English guy talking to a Swede, who translates it into Swedish.. and then a bored Dane starts translating the whole thing back into English. Of course the translation would never be perfect, and it would never sound as when the journalist and Roger talked. Not to forget my poor vocabulary 🙄

But if anyone is interested in a translation of this Swedish stuff, please tell me, and I’ll do my best!

(Click image for full size – opens in a new window)


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Yes yes yes! What a day! The Danish guys won GOLD at the European Championship today – and it is well deserved, they’ve been working hard to reach their goal, and today they finally turned out as winners. Not only that – they are now qualified to the Olympics in Beijing!

I know that handball maybe isn’t that popular outside Europe (except some countries around the world), but in Denmark, it’s a game everyone loves. Even I like watching it now and then.

Guess I’ll enjoy a few beers this evening… 😀

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I have a fun relationship with sports – I have no interest in it. But as soon it goes well for Denmark, I’ll be like glued to the screen, yelling at them to do their best.. I’m pretty sure they can hear me… and when they win, I’m like a happy little schoolgirl. Just as these days, where Men’s European Handball Championships takes place in Norway. And blimey! Who had expected the Danish team to actually reach the final? And that gold medal match is tomorrow, against Croatia.

But as we use to yell at sport events like these, when the Danes are successful in sports: “Who cares about silver or gold as long as our beers are cold?” (ok, lame translation of.. “hvad skal vi med guld og sølv, bare vi har sprut og øl!”) – meaning, even if we loose, we’ll have fun!

C’mon lads, you can do it!

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The blog I posted just before, reminded me about something completely different… “please tell me who I am”.. no problem, just visit blogthings.com, and there are no limits of answers on who or what you are!

I learned today, that I’m a soy latté, and I’ve also found out what my inner European is (Irish btw, or if I chage just 1 answer, Swedish), what kind of tea I am, what kind of flower I am, and what eye colour I should have… and best of all, what personality I have. I’ve always wondered about that one… (not)

Who are these people who creates these quizzes? They either have lots of fun creating them, or they must be really bored.

I just have to admit one thing.. I think they are really funny 😆 So don’t be surprised when I post these blogthings now and then… like this one:

You Are a Ham Sandwich

You are quiet, understated, and a great comfort to all of your friends.
Over time, you have proven yourself as loyal and steadfast.
And you are by no means boring. You do well in any situation – from fancy to laid back.Your best friend: The Turkey SandwichYour mortal enemy: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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There are so many wonderful – and sometimes rare – video clips available on youtube. And today I found an awesome concert clip, with a guy some of you may have heard of before 😉

Roger’s solo concerts with just him and Aaron are great, but the band he performs with in this clip (Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band, 2001) is just awesome, and it makes me wish he would tour more with a band. This is bloody marvellous! 😀

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This is one of my youtube favourites – I think everyone knows what it’s like when you start laughing, and can’t stop it.. then imagine that happens when you’re on TV – like this woman 😆

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I was cleaning up, and found an old piece of paper – I had written a top ten list of countries to visit. It was a bit funny, because I have visited some of the countries on that list since I wrote it. But it gave me inspiration to write a new one… the question is; should I include those countries I already have visited, or should I write some new destinations? I mean, I’ve always dreamt of visiting Iceland, and now I’ve been there – because my plane couldn’t land in the Faroes. Does those hours in Iceland count? I don’t think so 😉 Anyway – the list of countries is the same – here goes:

– Canada
– Iceland
– Ireland
– Scotland
– England
– New Zealand
– Australia
– Italy
– India

And here is a bit about why I’m dreaming of these places. Some may have noticed one thing all of them have in common: beautiful landscapes and they all have coastlines. And those of you who know me well, know that I love hiking, sailing, kayaking, fishing.. anything that has something to do with nature and beautiful sceneries. I’d like to say a few words about some of them…

Theres one major problem with Canada and the USA – they’re freaking big! Where to start? What to see? It would take at least two or three weeks to zip around, and see just some of it! But again – mountains, lakes, forests… and awesome fishing spots.. Canada has it all. One big dream is to go kayaking somewhere.. and now I have to stop writing, or I forget everything about this blog, and purcase tickets instead!

Before I met my boyfriend, I was sitting with some important papers – if I signed them, and sent them, I would have ended up at a university in Iceland, and I would live there for 6 months maybe more. The rough nature, volcanoes, geysers (is that the right word in English? lol!), mountains, glaciers.. But then – while considering all that – I met this incredible, warm hearted Faroese man, who grabbed my hands and my heart, asking me to be his woman. Soo I chose to study him instead, and that was one of the better choices I made. But I still havn’t been to Iceland for a vacation.

Ireland has always fascinated me – incredible landscape (and people, I’ve heard). Some people say, that the Faroe Islands and Ireland are similar to each other.. grass covered basalt cliffs, and all that.. Which reminds me; the first inhabitants in the Faroe Islands were Irish! So my boyfriend may even have Irish blood in him, lol. I’m going to Ireland next summer, to meet a fellow Hodgson fan Mick.. what can I say? I simply can’t wait!!

Take a jumbo cross the water… yes I’d like to see America. But again… where to begin? Give me three months off work, and I’ll travel around the states and have lots of fun. The trip could begin in Ohio, since some of my relatives lives there. And then I’ll have to meet all my internet friends, that I’ve met over the years 😀

I found this blogthing, and I must say it’s true what it says.. even though I travel for adventure, not to relax all the time. 😉

Your Travel Personality Is: Easygoing

When you travel, you’re looking for a lot of downtime. Vacations are your chance to recoup.
All you need is a scenic spot and plenty of time on your hands. You’ll figure out the rest.
You’re not one to make lots of plans when you travel. You just follow whatever path seems right.

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I must say that one bad thing about living up north, is the long, cold and dark winters – I’ve never thought much about it, but for some reason, this winter has been tough. Maybe it’s because that I’m used to the winter in Denmark – it’s dark, and I’m used to that – but the Faroese winter is even darker. And there are these winter storms, with wind speeds at 134 mph ( 60 m/s) as we had few weeks ago. And all the rain… yuck.

But today I saw something that made my spirit laugh.. the snowdrops! When they are here, we now that winter is almost over, and the light is returning. It’s the same magic every year. They’re a bit early this year, but we’ve had a mild winter – guess that explains it.

Maybe it sounds silly – but this flower reminds me every year, that brighter and warmer times are coming. Soon I’ll be walking down the streets with an ice cream in one hand, and my boyfriend’s hand in my other hand 😉 Thank you for this little reminder, dear snowdrop.

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Friendship :)

One of my friends, Mads, has moved to Sweden, while I live (as most of you know) in the Faroe Islands *sigh* – said in another way: we live far away from each other 😦

But today, we met at my father’s house, and had a wonderful Sunday afternoon – Mads had brought his woooonderful guitar, and my father is not envious at all.. 🙂

Meeting an old friend again, talking about music, life, memories and all that made me so incredibly happy.

I caught my dad playing the guitar, while Mads was in the kitchen.. sorry for the poor sound quality

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I’ve been so concerned – my boyfriend and I have been away from our home in the Faroes during our Christmas holiday, but he is now back home, while I spend some time studying in Denmark. Our cats have been outside, while our neighbour has taken care of them, feeding them ect. (don’t worry, they have lot’s of shelters and are used to live outside in nature).

But when he got back home, he couldn’t find them. But finally Felix was back home… but Bianca. Where has she been? I’ve been checking my email, waiting for a phone call..everything that could give me the message “Bianca is home”. But she didn’t show up. But now I just got the message, that she’s home, and she’s fine.

Typical cats.. they can stay away for several days, and when they come home again, and they’re being picked up and over-cuddled, they don’t understand, and start thinking “what’s all the fuzz about?”

Here they are.. well it’s an old pic, but I still love it, and when I’m in Denmark, missing my cats (and sometimes also my boyfriend, lol!) I look at pictures of them. Did I hear someone calling me a catlover? LOL – I know I’m crazy and I’m proud of it 😀

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